Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Read Friday!

As you read this I am on my way to the beach. I'm looking forward to my morning walks on the beach ALL BY MYSELF and a trip to my favorite t shirt shop (17th St.). If you're vacation bound grab this book.....

Pick Your Pleasure by Jayne Rylon

Ever read a book and wish the heroine hadn’t done that, gone there, or slept with that guy? Well, now you’re in charge. The reader decides what happens here.

Tailor your perfect short story or be adventurous and read through all the different paths to see where life can take you…if you choose.

Go ahead, pick your pleasure.

Linley Lane, CEO of Lane Technologies, has had enough of blah dates. When she decides to shake things up with a visit to an underground sex club she’s heard rumors about, she realizes she’s way out of her league. This is no usual hookup spot.

Presented with two potential guides for the night—men who turn her on more in a matter of minutes than a year of lame dating in her high-class circles did—she’s got some tough decisions to make about how she wants to spend the rest of her evening and just how dirty she intends to get.

Will she choose to be romanced by a sexy gentleman? Or will she indulge the rare anonymity Underground affords to revel in wild excess with a like-minded rebel? And where will they go from there?
Everything is up to you.

What an awesome quickie! I have never read a choose your own story before. I will admit I was totally confused when I looked at the table of contents but I was instructed by the powers that be to just start reading and make my selections as they come up. Being the great direction follower that I am I did just that and was very pleased with the outcome. I'll share the path I read.... she chose Chase and they went back to her place and spiced it up. I must say that I feel compelled to go back and read all the options.

I give this kind of book 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. It was cool to read.

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