Thursday, November 28, 2013

Howling Good Time @MariCarr #REVIEW

Mari Carr has given us a non-furry reason to howl for the Full Moon!

Full Moon, Mari Carr, Samhain Publishing
Second Chances #2
Sometimes it’s not just the tide that rises…
In the two years since her divorce was finalized, Josie Jacobson’s life has become one long, boring routine. Work, home, repeat. She has her hands full as a single parent, and while she’s not looking for a serious relationship, she sure wouldn’t mind getting laid.

When her friend, Zoey, challenges her to make a New Year’s resolution for a second chance at happiness, Josie goes one better and creates the “Howl List”. Every full moon, she will indulge in a different sexual fantasy. Right at the top? Sex without strings.

Fate leads her to the Blue Moon bar in January. After all, what better place to howl? And when she meets Jake Stewart, the sexy bartender, and engages in some red-hot sex with a stranger, her year seems to be off to a great start
At least, until Jake declares he wants all her full moons…

Warning: This is NOT the shifter story you are looking for. While the heroine howls during the full moon, she does it in naked, human-form only. Sorry—no wolves, but there is a really sexy bartender and lots of red-hot fantasies.

It's New Years Eve and the Wine Girls decide to shake things up a little from their normal Thursday. This year they are making resolutions. Well for divorced mother Josie, that means getting back out there while she is still young enough and flexible enough to get her kink on. She's looking for a little full moon action, her resolution involves a no strings attached sexual encounter each month that she calls her Howl list. What she isn't looking for is love, but Jake may have something to say about that.

Full Moon is a fun sexy story that made me laugh and sweat at the same time. The author takes you on a sexual romp that will leave you breathless. Jake takes control from the first full moon and Josie couldn't be in better hands. Jake's controlling nature really worked for me. Josie's list was a little vague and I liked the way that he made it his while making it all about her.

The Wine Girls remind me so much of my friends and I think that is one of the most appealing things about these stories, they could be anyone, anywhere. The relationships between the ladies is believable and the way that they support each other is great to read.

Ms. Carr has a winning premise here and with her story telling skills I only expect the series to get better with each book. I for one cannot wait for Shelly's book, and I am hoping my girl loses it in a BIG way!

Do yourself a favor and pick-up the Second Chances series and a bottle of wine and spend the day with some great gals!


RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.
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