Monday, November 4, 2013

Rhythm and Bluegrass, Molly Harper

In the second e-novella in Molly Harper’s Bluegrass series of contemporary romances, two people determined to fulfill their own agendas come head to head—and find love in the process.

Kentucky Tourism Commission employee Bonnie Turkle is up Mud Creek without a paddle. When she gets permission from the state historical society to restore McBride’s Music Hall in Mud Creek, Kentucky, to its former glory, she thinks the community will welcome her with open arms. Instead, her plans interfere with a proposal to sell the property to a factory that would bring much-needed jobs to the town.

Even though Bonnie is trying to preserve mayor Will McBride’s family heritage, he is more concerned with the welfare of his people than memories of the past. Will finds her optimistic sentimentality extremely annoying—but that doesn’t stop him from kissing Bonnie senseless.

With an inspection deadline looming and local saboteurs ruining her restoration, Bonnie must find a way to compromise with Will to save McBride’s and the town…while hopefully winning a few more kisses in the process!

REVIEW:  This is yet another great addition to Molly Harper's collection of well told, perfect stories. The Bluegrass series focuses on the staff of the Kentucky Tourism Commission's Office.  The characters are quirky, fun and well developed.  The first book took place within the main office.  This time to give it a fresh perspective the story takes place out in the field in a small town called Mud Creek.  The town's characters are charming and draw the reader in, enabling them to see just why the Mayor is fighting so hard to revive his town that is slowly dying due to the recession and loss of jobs.  The question is will Bonnie's plans help or sabotage his last chance to bring jobs and growth back to the town he loves?  And will he loose his heart in the process?  And will she be swept up by his small town, cowboy charm?  This is a quick read but as I always do with Molly Harper I went with the Audible Version.  Amanda Ronconi once again delivers a flawless performance.  This is a great story that won't disappoint.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. Many thanks.
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