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Humpday Hello Cravings! @Lizeverly1 #Review #Excerpt

Greetings and salutations humpday survivors! Half way through....the week, the month, winter (ha! just checking to see if you were paying attention!) It's a doozy and we are smack in the middle of cold and dreary - the Christmas season is over and the next holiday to look forward to is a diet buster for sure. So, I propose you indulge this week - in some calorie free eye candy (yummo!) and check out this excellent series by Liz Everly which combines food, sex and adventure guaranteed to warm your toes and possibly even curl them!

Liz Everly, Cravings - Saffron Nights book 2, eKensington, November 2013

A change of scenery can unleash the wildest hunger. . .

Sanj has come to Ecuador ready to enjoy food and fun with his good friends Maeve and Jackson. Only his friends are nowhere to be found. Instead, he meets a stunningly beautiful woman who asks him for help. A man of discriminating tastes, Sanj can’t wait to enjoy her luscious lips, savor her sultry curves, and indulge in his desire for sexual ecstasy. . .

On the run from a troubled past, Sasha will do whatever is necessary to survive. That includes cozying up to the enigmatic Sanj, a darkly handsome man who seduces her like the richest chocolate. Hungry for more, she gives into the sweetest temptation, craving the feel of his hard body and longing for exquisite carnal pleasure. . .

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I am seriously craving chocolate and it is all Liz Everly's fault!  Cravings is an intricately crafted confection of food, sex and intrigue.  So delicately balanced, it is hard to describe as one specific genre - it is certainly romantic suspense but with erotic content and fascinating tidbits of culinary fact and history.  I think it's safe to call it a genuinely excellent read, however.

Having read the first in the series, Saffron Nights, the further travails of Maeve and Jackson were an exciting hook.  The story of Sanj, the uber sexy Indian doctor (with a nobility secret only hinted at in this installment) and the seductive Sasha, former Dominatrix prostitute and recovering cocaine addict, may not strike you as the most likely of pairings.  Smart foodies know, however, that sweet and savory make the best combinations and Sanj and Sasha most definitely have it.  Both are consumed with finding Maeve and obsessed with the perfect chocolate - their adventures investigating both serve to push them closer together, even as their secrets threaten to destroy them.

Fast paced and well written, this book really develops some of the relationships of it's predecessor.  The sexual attraction between Sasha and Sanj is seriously off the charts and I love the devilish snippets of D/s that creep into their play.  My only complaint would be that the end felt rushed - I was so involved in the crescendo of the story that the end seemed to happen rather quickly when it all came together.  And, for those who demand the perfect ending - happy for now was perfectly acceptable in this particular case.  (I'm actually pleased that the author didn't try to force this issue - considering the pain and angst Sanj underwent with his former love interest, Jennifer. )

If you love your chocolate with your romance or your romance with your chocolate, this Cravings tale should put you in your happy place.

RATING: Five Chocolate-Dipped (no pun intended!) Strawberries!!    This book was given to us by  the author for an unbiased review.   Many thanks.

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