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Death Dwellers RULE! @katkelwriter *2-in-1* #REVIEWS

Death Dwellers RULE!!!

Series order
Misled | #1  |  Release date: December 5, 2013 | H/h: Christopher & Megan
Misappropriate #1.5 | Release date: February 14, 2014 | H/h: Christopher & Megan
Misunderstood #2 | Release date: April 5, 2014 | H/h: Johnnie & Kendall
Misbehavior #3 | Release date: Late Summer/Early Fall 2014  H/h: Val and Zoann
Misguided #4  | Release date: TBA | H/h: Mortician & Bailey
Misdeeds #5  |  Release date: TBA | H/h: Digger & TBA

Misled (Death Dwellers MC #1) by Kathryn Kelly
He deals in a world of violence, sex, drugs, and crudity. As president of the Death Dwellers' MC, Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell presides over a club in chaos after the death of their longtime president and his mentor, Joseph "Boss" Foy.

Megan Foy runs from her abusive stepfather, hoping for her daddy's intervention to save her and get her terrified mother away before it's too late. Only problem is, she soon discovers her beloved daddy is dead and the man who killed him is the man she's falling in love with.

There's something about a book that grabs you in its first few lines and doesn't let you go. And then to learn there's an entire series... I was nearly giddy. MISLED deals with some tough issues but the author does it well.

I enjoy the grit and intense moments in MC romances. And this book has plenty of drama-rich moments with an original plot that will have readers shaking their heads. Just in the first chapter, the violence is horrendous. But it's the concept of rising from the depths of despair that held me as the story line moved forward. The determination of the heroine to save herself and the connection she makes with the most unlikely man will make even the cynic believe in true love.

You have to read this book if you like MC Romances, like NA Romances, or just want to read a Hot Romance. There's lots of naughty language and authentic "mis-grammar" but it makes the story that much more real. There's some ebb and flow to the story, some clean up my internal editor would like to do, and it isn't flawless but it's an amazing debut novel.

5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

Outlaw’s resentment spiked towards Boss. He should’ve known he couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut about the bitch. Even if he hadn’t said anything to his psycho son, he sure as fuck told Rack about her. He’d never been special to Boss, like another son to the man, with secrets shared only between them. The confidences Boss shared with Outlaw was just a lie. No he’d said all that bullshit to get Outlaw under his thumb.

“Outlaw? You hear me?”

“What about the bitch?” he asked, dragging on his cigarette again. How many other people knew about the bitch? Great fucking going, Boss.

A scream rose above the music and laughter humming in the background. Then silence. Complete and utter silence. Rack winced. Outlaw pulled his nine, a reflex reaction and started down the hallway. Light reflected off the gigantic mural of the Grim Reaper, his scythe dripping blood, his eye sockets burning red.


The wail pierced the sudden stillness as he rounded the corner. A little blonde urchin barreled into him and semi-peaceful waves kicked into his brain. She stopped, his gun inches from her head and he loosened his grip.

He stared into familiar eyes. Blue. Intense. Brilliant. A perfect mirror of the former president of his MC. Only these eyes were unfamiliar. And not because of the dark circles ringing them.

They were the eyes of the daughter of the man he’d killed.

Misappropriate (Death Dwellers MC #1.5) by Kathryn Kelly

Megan Foy is finally getting the big wedding she's dreamed of. With her new child and the affection of the brothers of the Death Dwellers' MC, her life is settling down. However, a new threat rides into town and targets Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell, forcing him to reevaluate his life once more and endangering everyone. Most of all, it threatens Meggie's newfound peace.

Kathryn Kelly does it again with the second book. In my opinion, the second book in the series is critical because that's the proof that it isn't simply a one-hit-wonder! This is definitely a killer series!

This is a bad ass biker book much like Madeline Sheehan's MC series. The author creates characters -easy-to-hate, anti-heroes- that readers will fall for. With the fast paced story line and an abundance of action, you'll get pulled right into their dangerous world. Despite the violence, the author provides insight into the characters so it makes sense. I couldn't stop reading. The plot is chock full of twists that readers won’t necessarily see coming. Still, we're given an ending every romance should have - they may be bikers but they know how to love.

4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

Excerpt (Rated R)
“Megan,” he said quietly, then snapped his mouth shut, not sure where to start. He was good as fuck at being dirty with her, but sweet words didn’t come easy to him. Even when their sex was gentle, he still thought of it as fucking. Deep down, though, he knew he was making love to her. But he wondered if she knew. Did she understand how he felt about her even though he just said he loved her and none of the other romantic bullshit she deserved? “Megan, I ain’t a romantic motherfucker.”

She looked up at him and gave him an uncertain smile.

He pulled an envelope out of the inside of his jacket and tapped her nose with it. “This letter here is from me to you.” He shrugged. “Cuz I’m me and I ain’t gonna walk around tellin’ you no sonnets every-fuckin-day.” He picked up her hand. “But I promise you, baby. On every anniversary, I’m gonna give you a letter and I’m gonna tell you.” He swallowed. What he was about to say would put his feelings out there more than he ever had, even with Megan. “Maybe, some of your romance shit rubbed off on me. Not sure, baby.”

She cocked her head to the side in that way she had when she listened intently to something.

He laid the letter in her lap, tempted to let her read it, and be done with it. “I love pussy—“ He paused at her frown and pulled at his hair. “I love girls, Megan. I studied bitches as a pastime.” He cleared his throat and winced at her wide eyes. Maybe, he should’ve stuck to the letter. The shit coming out his mouth wasn’t the shit he’d written.

“This is—“

He held up a hand. “Wait, baby. Let me finish.”

Her look skeptical, she nodded.

“But ain’t no girl I ever met make me as hot as you do just by thinkin’ about you. From the moment I met you, Megan, I couldn’t fuckin’ focus on nothin’ and nobody else. All I could think about was you. Wantin’ you and wantin’ to protect you. I once told you you was gonna drive some poor motherfucker and I’m one lucky fuck that it’s me. A girl who challenge her man, hardly never fuckin’ listen to him, tell him to go fuck himself when he pisses her the fuck off is worth every fuckin’ minute of every fuckin’ day. No matter what, baby, I’m always with you. You,” he emphasized and grabbed her neck to pull her close and kiss her. “Those pretty pink lips.” He glided a hand down her arm. “Your beautiful, little body.” He bumped her nose against his. “Those gorgeous fuckin’ eyes of yours. All of you. We real with each other. Me and you. You don’t have to hide a motherfuckin’ thing from me. You can be you. Scared. Happy. Wild. Angry. Kinky. I don’t give a fuck cuz I always got you. No matter how many times you need liftin’ up--” He held out his hand and tapped his fingers in it-- “I’ll catch you and raise you back where you need to be. I love the fuck outta you, Megan, and I ain’t ever gonna stop.”

Megan let out half-laugh, half-sob, tears streaking her cheeks. Christopher swiped them with his thumbs.

“I love you, too, Christopher. You make me hot and lustful for you, but it’s more than that. It’s about the two of us. You make me feel secure and loved and wanted. You’re a wonderful father and husband.” She placed a hand over his heart. “And you have a heart, Christopher. A heart that made me fall in love with you. I’ll always be here for you. No matter how many times you fall—“ She grabbed his hand and kissed the back of it—“I’ll always be there to pull you up. You own me body and soul. You’re my everything.”

He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her with all the tenderness flowing between them. Fuck him, but the look in her eyes made him want her pussy. His nostrils flared. “I want some more pussy, baby.”

“Why did you ruin our romantic moment?” she whined.

“Megan, every-fuckin-thing I said was the God’s honest truth, but I can only take so much mushy shit and mushy time is fuckin’ over.

She shook her head.

“C’mon, baby. You know you want to give me some more pussy in that small fuckin’ airplane bathroom right over there. You’re a freaky little nympho.”

She smirked at him. “Yeah, but I’m your freaky little nympho.”

Author Bio
In Kat’s head, she’s the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she’s an everyday, ordinary girl who loves scotch, reading, writing, and football.
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