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On Fire by Drew Zachary @torquere #REVIEW #FIREMEN

April showers bring May flowers.  The weather is heating up and so are we!  Join us every day this week for our homage to hot, hunky fireman - who doesn't love a man in uniform?  The Indulgent Bloggers chose April as Fireman extravaganza - a week of assorted fireman stories so hot, you'll wish you had a sprinkler system!

On Fire, Drew Zachary, Torquere Press
On Fire #1
Take one tall, broad-shouldered fireman in his early thirties. Mix well with one skinny, eighteen-year-old college kid who lives for sex, and the results are sheer pleasure. Sam and Robert are about as opposite as you can get, aside from the fact that they're both into sex with guys. When Sam picks Robert up during Canada Day festivities, neither of them are expecting more than making some fireworks for the holiday. And the sparks definitely fly, especially since Sam is able to recharge his batteries as only an eighteen year old can. Robert finds himself both entranced and smitten with young Sam, who is bubbly and happy and can have more sex in the space of an hour than Robert can believe. But there's a world of difference between eighteen and thirty-two, as Sam and Robert discover along the way. Friends and family add to the difficulties they encounter. But the two of them come to realize that underneath it all, they have more than just a physical need for each other. The emotion that blossoms between them is soon as great as their first sizzling attraction. Drew Zachary, the author of Transforming Hades and Skin Deep, has written a romance as hot as the flame it's named after. Don't miss it!
This was exactly what I was looking for for Firemen week. Two hot guys who scorched my Nook!

Sam is a college student who likes his hook ups quick and dirty.While walking around at Canada Day he thinks he has found Nirvana when he stumbles onto the firemen car wash. Let's face it there is nothing hotter than a wet fireman. When Sam spots Robert he almost blows right there.

Robert literally bumps into the hottest twink on two legs while finishing up his shift at the fireman car wash, now if he can just get sex on a stick Sam home before they are both arrested for public indecency it will be a miracle.

What starts out as just hot no-strings attached sex turns out to be so much more for both men. Sam and Robert are good now they just have to convince Sam's over-protective dad that Robert isn't a pervert and Roberts co-works that Sam isn't just using Robert, and everything will be good.

This book ended up being so much more than I thought when I started it. The development of the relationship while starting out quickly really takes time to develop. It was a great quick read and I for one was very happy to see there is a sequel.

If you like your stories HOT HOT HOT then On Fire is the book for you!

Thanks for the suggestion Cardeno!

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and a cold Molson to put out the flames!

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