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Easy Bake Coven @LizSchulte #review #freeread

Greetings and salutations my fellow Humpday survivors!  May just keeps rolling along - somebody told me we were "halfway through 2014"!  I told them to "shut their dirty, dirty mouth" - cause it's May for cripes' sake.  We just left snow behind us in April!  Appreciate the lovely springtime (but don't go rushing the summer heat, Kim!) and now that the pollen has died down to a dull roar and I can sort of breathe again, it's quite enjoyable.  At any rate, let us all deep breath in and let it out.....ahhhhhh.  Oh and have a treat on me - it's calorie free for those who are worried about their impending summertime figures! Yummmm!

This week brings a new to us author, Liz Schulte.  Why haven't we heard of her before?  I dunno - but she's on my favorite gal's list for several reasons:  she had a giant Colin Firth as Darcy behind her at TNEE 2014! (I know, right?  Love!!!), she has the best sense of snark-a-tude I've met in a long time!

Liz Schulte's The Easy Bake Coven Series, book 1:

Easy Bake Coven

For Selene Warren being a witch is no big deal. She dabbles in harmless magic with her friends and never thinks much about it. However, when a stranger who seems to know her shows up at her studio and her grandmother is brutally attacked, her simple life becomes complicated.

A world of elves, half-elves, fae—and one peculiar Sekhmet named Femi open up to her. She will discover that fairy tales are real, politics are ugly in any world, and there is a lot more to her life than she ever dreamed possible.

This new reality threatens swallow Selene whole, but with a forgotten past beating down her door, she will have to dive in to save her future.


Liz Schulte serves up a sweet treat with her Easy Bake Coven, kicking off book 1 of the Easy Bake Coven Series (but actually is book 4 in the Abyss world for those of you seriously addicted to book order and such).  Highly enjoyable, easily read, this paranormal romance delight makes for a fun weekend read.  Selene and Cheney are no Lizzy and Darcy, mind you, but they have some genuine chemistry that takes the reader along for the wacky ride that sets the tone for this series.

Selene is a dabbling witch who owns a yoga studio, loves her life, has a perfectly nice boyfriend and a killer bunch of friends.  Cheney is a mysterious stranger with an even more mysterious past connection to Selene. Like oil and water, they clash and carry on as the many mysteries unfold and all the while their chemistry sizzles and smokes on the page.  The writing is solid, snarky and fun.  The primary characters definitely have room to grow and it feels very much like more will be revealed as the series evolves.  The secondary characters are great - her friends, Femi, Sebastian, all making for a zany cast that keeps the story from getting bogged down in the complexity of world building which often happens in paranormal/fantasy novel series.

All in all, I'd have to say this was a hit for me - I will definitely be reading the series through it's conclusion as Selene and Cheney have me hooked.  For fans of the Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series, Angie Fox's Demon Slayer series or Julie Kenner's Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, this book will definitely appeal.  Designed as a series starter, there is the expected cliffhanger, tempting you to rush out and buy book 2 - Hungry Hungry Hoodoo.  I promise you, you will do!


RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.    This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review.  Many thanks.

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