Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#REVIEW @RockStarPRLC Becoming a Jett Girl #BAJG @AuthorMegQuinn

becoming a jett girlBecoming A Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn is a Contemporary Romance story like none other. It released on July 1st and if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for??

How did I start the Lafayette Club?

Well, I’m in the business of saving tarnished souls. I hand pick girls from the street who have no options left in life and give them an opportunity they can’t possibly refuse.

They come to work in the Lafayette Club which is full of EXQUISITE DEBAUCHERY, where influential men come to conduct business and lap dances are considered a fine art.

The girls are trained, they are morphed, they are educated, they follow the rules of the club and they know to submit to me. They live by my motto, no relationships, no love, just sex.

They are never touched, only by me, they are never completely naked, only with me, and their personas are entirely anonymous. The only person who knows who they truly are, is me, Jett Colby.

If these girls were ever seen on the streets of New Orleans, you would never know they were a Jett Girl.

If book one is anything to go by, the Bourbon Series is going to be absolutely amazing. Becoming a Jett Girl is like no other book I've ever read. It's hot and warm. It's intense and sweet. The original story line of a man creating a safe place for women as a means for turning his "lemons into lemonade" is only topped by the deliciously detailed journey of one woman as she enters his world. The sexual tension is off-the-charts but it's the sensuality that's absolutely decadent. Readers feel the emotions rolling off the pages and can't help but be swept up into the story.

5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

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