Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My #AADCHAR Wrap Up!! @aadconvention

I am in that after con funk, you know that one where you have had so much fun and you didn't want to come home but real life said you had too?? Yeah, that's what I am experiencing right now. I had a fabulous time and hope that I will be able to attend next year. I want to take a minute to thank our host, Stella Price, for giving me the opportunity to attend as a Blogger, and because of that I gathered enough swag that we will be giving away 4...yes I said 4 BIG BAGS O' SWAG this year for our Blogiversary!(check back next month for that)

Yes Stella offered me a free registration, but that doesn't mean that she controls what I post here about my experience. The information that you will get from me is honest...and is about ME alone!

Now that that's out of the way....I had a blast this year. I don't know if it was the group of authors that I chose to spend time with, getting to see old friends, making new ones or the feeling of acceptance that goes with this con. I have been to several different events over the years, and this one more than any other is about authors spending time with the readers. I have been to some where if it's not a major scheduled event the authors ignored the readers and only spent time with each other. I have been to some where the mean girl cliques are so bad that I felt completely left out. That doesn't happen at this event. I also love that this con was one of the first that included ALL sub-genre's of Romance. I can attend and know that I will see my GLBT, YA, INDIE and UF authors alongside the NY published authors.

The panels I attended were fun and interactive. The parties are what you make of them...if you just want to sit and people watch you can, if you want to get out there and shake your booty you can. I myself didn't dance this time around(still recovering from a tweeked back) but I did enjoy the music and watching everyone else. I understand that there were some problems, but honestly, you are going to have them when you plan something this big.

Now I want to throw out some personal Thank You's to the authors that I connected with:

Andrew Grey - Thanks for hosting me at the Sins & Virtues Ball you were and are always a class act!

BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot - I could have sat and listened to you both tell stories all night. TACOS!!

Jordan L. Hawk - Thanks for the drink and YAY for another new to me author!

Paige Tyler - It was wonderful to meet you and I can't wait to read more of your shifters!

Cheryl Dragon - Thanks for eating dinner with us and talking.

Paloma Beck - I totally understood your shyness.

Olivia Jaymes  - Super sweet lady and we have a signed set of her books that will be going in one of the BIG BAG O' SWAGS.

Kiernan Kelly - Because she is HARD CORE!

And last but certainly not least the UBER FABULOUS Roz Lee!!!

These are just a few that stood out for me with but there were many more. Honestly there wasn't one author that I approached that wasn't completely nice.

So if you are looking for that one con to attend, I can honestly say that I would suggest Authors After Dark! Lots of authors, fun people, great gift baskets(no I didn't win this year, but at least the money goes to a good cause) outrageous parties and you get to talk about books for 4 days to people that TOTALLY understand your obsession!

AAD 2015 is in Atlanta and Sherrilyn Kenyon will be the Master of Ceremonies so you know it will be off the chain!

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