Monday, June 22, 2015

RELEASE DAY #REVIEW! The Girl I Was Before @theGingerScott is AMAZING!

Ginger Scott writes great stories. She has completely perfected the art of writing New Adult Romance. Just as always before, she draws out these raw emotions in the characters, their vulnerabilities and their strengths that they're just discovering themselves. It's those little moments she knows to include that makes each of their stories special.

The Girl I Was Before (Falling #3) takes the girl everyone loved to hate in the first two books and turns her into a reader's BFF. I dare you not to love Paige after reading her story! And I dare you not to swoon over Houston. His honesty is simply beautiful. Each couple's story in this series has been uniquely their own and Paige and Houston are no different. They each bring a lot of baggage to the relationship but by the end, you can't imagine it being any other way. 

Loved this book!

I’m the selfish one. I suppose that’s the nicest thing people say about me. I’ve heard the other things, too. “Paige Owens is a pretty girl with nothing else to offer. She’s just a good time at a party. She’s stupid, heartless, cold and useless. All she cares about is getting a guy to look at her. Why would anyone want to be her friend?”

Some of those things are true. Others were true. They’re all hurtful.

None of it matters.

I’m ready to make the hard choices. I’m ready to face the consequences. I’m ready to be the girl I was before, and I’m done being the one who lost her way.

I’m ready to become the girl Houston Orr sees when he looks at me.

Houston isn’t a star athlete. He doesn’t play in a band. He’s never going to be president, and his life is so far away from simple and easy it isn’t even funny.
He wasn’t part of my plan. But I’m starting to think plans are overrated, and maybe our stories are what we make them. And mine depends entirely on me, and the choices I make…starting now.

Houston is my fairytale. He’s perfectly imperfect. He’s poetry and life. He’s truth and heartbreak, all rolled up in a tall body with dark hair, broad shoulders and green eyes that lull me into submission. He’s nothing I ever thought I wanted, but the very thing I need. He’s the only guy I’ve ever really loved, and he thinks I’m a princess. I fell into him, and now I’m holding on.

But sometimes life takes away our ability to choose. Sometimes…things aren’t in your control. Sometimes, it hurts to be selfless. My only hope is that when it comes time to choose, I get it right.

Welcome to my once upon a time and wish for happily ever after.

Do I even need to say it?? 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the author (who I dream of meeting someday and totally fan-girling her!). Many, many thanks.

PS... My only complaint is that she says this is the end of the series but its a new year and I want to know about the other secondary characters. I just know there's more to Ashley than meets the eye... and what about Houston's buddy too? I'll be waiting for more... ;)
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