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Going Deep, Silvia Violet
Fitting In #4
Gray, Jack, and Mason are back. Their threeway relationship keeps growing stronger, and Gray 's feelings for his partners run deeper than he ever thought possible. While he’s learned to be romantic at home, at work, he’s still a big tough cop that nobody wants to cross. So, when the murders of several young prostitutes falls to him to solve, and he has no suspects and no motive, his confidence takes a hit. Every dead end, every day that goes by, adds to the urgency he feels to find the murderer.

Gray desperately needs a break, with the case and for himself. He excels at taking care of both his men, in bed and out, but when it comes to accepting comfort in return, he shuts down, even with everything at work going to hell. Jack and Mason want him to take a vacation when the case ends, but Gray knows he sucks at down time unless it’s spent in bed.

With his case weighing on him and his partners trying their best to help, Gray is going to have to figure out how a high-handed man like himself can let go.


1. Will this be the last book in the Fitting In series?

No. I had thought it would be, but the guys made it clear they need one more. You’ll see why after reading Going Deep.

2. How do you keep track of where all the body parts are with three guys? That's a lot of balls to juggle.

LOL! It makes for some hilarious editing moments. I have to think a lot more carefully about how they’re positioned. I do occasionally have to search for “adult videos” to help me with visuals. It’s a difficult job J

3. Which character gave you the most trouble?

Definitely Gray. He’s not good expressing himself in words to Jack and Mason and he’s the same way with me.

4. Is there a character in this series or any other that just never seems to shut up?

Tristan from Wild R Farm. He is the most chatty character I’ve dealt with. He loves to jump in and try to have a say on other character’s stories.

5. When and where do you do most of your writing?

It’s impossible to keep a consistent schedule each day like I’d prefer because I homeschool my kids and they have lots of activities and classes throughout the day. I try to get 1000 words written or edited before breakfast and then fit in as much as I can during the day. Most of my writing is done at the dining room table or in a coffee shop.

6. Do you like to read in the romance genre, or do you prefer another?

Most of what I read is romance. I do read some mysteries, thrillers, and urban fantasy but much of it has romantic elements. I also read a lot of middle grade and YA fiction with my kids.

7. What's next?

In a few weeks I’ll have Thorne and Dash Book 2: Personal Entanglement to my editor. It will be out on April 30. I’ll also be re-releasing Paws on Me (Law and Supernatural Order 2) in late March.

I am a fan of this series because the author is so good and showing the strength in submitting. This time she shows us the strength in knowing how to Dominate. This book is told from Gray's POV, so we get to see the struggle he goes through to be everything everyone else needs. We get to see his insecurities, and doubt and then we get to see the strength he gets from having two men that submit to him unconditionally.

It's great to read and see the growth between these characters. To see how far they have come both in and out of the bedroom. There is a great mix of everyday life with some of the best menage, D/s sex I have read. Ms. Violet blends the eroticism with the emotional so very well.

If you like your men strong and your sex sweaty pick up the entire Fitting In series!

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RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks. This book was READ & RATED by Tyra.

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