Thursday, May 5, 2016

Personal Entanglement by @Silvia_Violet #REVIEW #ULTIMATEINDULGENCE

Personal Entanglement, Silvia Violet
Thorne & Dash #2
Several months ago Thorne hired Riley as an escort. They fell hard for each other and ultimately made their relationship personal rather than professional. Every moment they spend in bed is pure bliss, but good sex can’t solve all their problems as they struggle to make things work between them. Thorne convinces Riley to move in with him, but their differences in age and income weigh more heavily on Riley once they share a home.

If that weren’t enough, culinary school is turning out to be a disappointment for Riley rather than a dream come true, and he’s considering the daunting prospect of starting his own business. Thorne wants to swoop in and fix everything, but Riley keeps refusing Thorne’s money or advice, feeling like he’s losing control over his own life.

Thorne and Riley will have to rely on their love for each other to help them find the balance between independence and entanglement.

Silvia Violet is back and another addition to her Thorne & Dash series. These two are seriously one of the hotter couples out there. Ms. Violet seamlessly weaves scorching hot sex scenes with strong emotions and every day life.

This installment picks up where the first leaves off, with Riley trying to decide if moving in with Thorne is the best decision and with Thorne trying to convince Riley in any way he can. And this is where all of the drama starts. With strong reactions and feelings on both sides, if it wasn't for the sex, I don't think these two would agree on much.

But is sex enough to build a lasting, loving relationship?  With hurt feelings and meddling friends and family this book takes you on their journey to finding balance.

So grab some chocolate and a glass of wine and become entangled with Thorne & Riley!!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks. This book was READ & RATED by Tyra.

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