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HAPPY HUNKY DAYS #9 Santa Baby by @heidicullinan #REVIEW #HUNKYDAYS

Happy Hunky-Days!

Seasons greetings to all our friends, family and fellow book lovers.... It's hard to believe the year is wrapping up - life can get so hectic with work, school, kids, pets, etc that it seems like the train will never stop!  The beauty of this holiday season is that we, the Ndulgent Bloggers, are here to celebrate with you all that is good with our crazy world. Despite the chaos, we assure you there are some divine new stories out that are guaranteed to grab you for a moment or several and carry you away to a holiday oasis.  Please join us for our SEVENTH annual Happy Hunky-days!!  Twelve fun filled days of Christmas where we treat you with gifts of joy and happiness (aka excellent books to place on your TBR pile and very yummy eye candy!)  Savor the calorie free treats and join us daily for more fabulous Ndulgent reads!

Santa Baby, Heidi Cullinan
Minnesota Christmas #4
Trimming the tree is more fun with three.

Twin Cities developer Dale Davidson has come to Logan, Minnesota, to turn it into Christmas Town, not to give in to Arthur Anderson’s offer to join him and his fiancĂ©, Gabriel Higgins, for a Christmas Eve threesome. Dale is polyamorous, but it’s clear Arthur is offering a night of fun and nothing more. Maybe one night with the couple he admires so much won’t hurt…

Together the three of them light a fire hot enough to boil Lake Superior in January, and one night of fun becomes an extended engagement as Dale puts down some tentative roots in his new hometown. Everyone loves Dale, Logan’s own Santa Claus, and somehow no one knows what wild times are happening right underneath their noses. No one knows, either, the complicated ways they’re falling in love with one another.

But a shadow from Dale’s past emerges, an abuser threatening him with violence and shame. Ronny doesn’t want a happy ever after for Dale, only to draw him back into a consuming darkness. It will take the love of not only Gabriel and Arthur but all of Logan to convince their Santa he has nothing to be ashamed of—and that he will always have a home in their hearts.

I'm back in my Christmas story happy place, Logan Minnesota. This is the third year that I have read and reviewed one of these books for Hunky Days and I look forward to it each time. I do have to say, that this book wasn't as easy for me to get into. I think if it had been all new characters exploring and adjusting to polyamory it would have been easier, but the fact that is was a couple from an earlier book, made it more difficult for me.

I will be the first to admit that I don't know a lot about this spot on the rainbow and I thought the author did a great job of delving into the mindset. I walked away feeling like I knew a bit more. I liked that the author brought us another look at love and that not all relationships are the same.  This book also dealt with some really dark situations, so it's not all ribbons and bows.

This book is well written and the emotions are strong and very real.


RATING: 3 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was READ & RATED by Tyra.

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