Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello not adjust your computer there is nothing wrong with it, Kim and I had to switch days this week. So don't worry you did not slip into some sort of black hole that took you back to Tuesday, it really is Friday. I don't know about the rest of you but I am busy with Christmas stuff, the buying, the decorating, the baking. I love the smells this time of year, cinnamon and pine and the way the air smells on those cold mornings. Something else I love.....a man in a kilt!!!! LOL

The Hawk, Monica McCarty, Ballentine, August 2010

I love The Highland Guard novels because they are thrilling, and the characters have bigger than life persona's. Hawk totally fits that description, he is agressive, daring, reckless, handsome, and charming. He practically leaps off the page. He is a born leader and his actions matched his descriptions.

Ellie is described as a plain woman but I think the fact that she didn't immediately throw herself at Hawk was what first drew his attention to her. I think it was her personality and her lust for life that made him fall in love. I thoroughly enjoyed their banter and loved the chemistry between the two characters.

This book hits the ground running and the action never stops. I felt that it read much quicker than The Chief because the author didn't have as much background information that she needed to include, much of it had already been established.

I am excited to read The Ranger which hits shelves December 28th....what a yummy after Christmas present for me I have to look forward to. Don't forget to make a comment to have the chance to win the first book in The Highland Guard series, The Chief. I give The Hawk, 5 chocolate dipped strawberries, with a cup of Bailey's and hot chocolate to keep you warm!!!
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