Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Lieutenant's Love

They say good things come in small packages; in this case, they are right because this short story was a good thing. A LIEUTENANT'S LOVE asks the question, can you find love again?

It is a beautifully written story about a soldier who has lost the love of his life and has become very disillusioned with the world. Lt. Jarryd Alyt is a man who has been at war for the past twelve years and has become apathetic to life. When he meets new recruit Arin, who has joined the army after being disowned by his family, he refuses to admit, even to himself, his attraction to the younger man.

Arin joined the army as a last resort. Even though he is young, he has had to deal with a lot of heartache and disappointment in his life, and is stronger than he seems at first. All he truly wants is someone to love him to affirm that his life is worth something.

Despite his desire to keep his distance, Jarryd is drawn to the young soldier. Can he put aside his fears and allow himself to not only live again but love again?

Although the lack of knowledge of time and location made it more difficult for me to form a picture in my mind, the story still took me away with the almost poetic way that it is written. The journey both men make in this story was told in a way that you hope they find a way to come together. I enjoyed the bittersweet twist at the end and would have loved if the story had continued. I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.
This review originally posted at The Romance Reviews
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