Monday, January 31, 2011

BOOK ONE - Zack: Armed & Dangerous

Yuck – we are back to work and I am traveling like crazy this week.  I love to travel but it keeps me going till late at night so I won’t have a chance to read any more this week.  I’m glad that I had the chance to finish this weeks book.It was great and I am bummed that I won’t be able to strat the second one until Sunday. That just won’t do!!!!!!!! I guess I will just have to check in everyday with all of you to see if you like the other books.  Keep me posted, I will need to hear from everyone to make it through this week.

Zack: Armed and DangerousThe Armed and Dangerous Series starts off with ZACK. For those of you that read the short novel “Wildfire” you will be blown away by this book and the additions. You can tell that she did a lot of research with regards to the different government agencies and the problems that they face on the Mexican border.  She left in most of the “steaming hot” sex scenes including my favorite, the restaurant!!  READ it just for that because you will always smile when you eat cheesecake from that point on. What she added to Zack was action, adventure and mystery and that’s what totally makes the story great.

Zack comes back into Sky’s life after being away for 10 years.  He takes a transfer back to his home town to be close to his aging and ill mother.  His assignment is to catch whoever is rustling the cattle from the local ranchers. When he runs into Sky while visiting the ranches he realizes that leaving was the worst mistake he ever made.  He will do anything he has to in order to prove to Sky that he is worth a second chance.

McCray keeps you guessing throughout the whole book. She does a great job developing the secondary characters. Out of those characters you know that someone has to be involved with the cattle rustling and she doesn’t give that away until the very end. This book has everything you need to keep you inside and reading on these cold days.  She doesn’t take the customary 100 pages to start the action scenes. You dive right into a steamy sex scene followed by a fight scene. And every chapter after won’t leave you disappointed.

Zack gets 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries from this Indulgent Blogger! If you are like me, you will read this book and be thrilled that there are two more in the series waiting for you.  Enjoy reading everyone…

Reviewed by Shari
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