Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hump Day - Groundhog style

Sooooo for something new, Cat and I are joining forces to come up with a fantastic Hump Day/Groundhog's Day Extravaganza! Or not....At the very least, we are presenting more of Cheyenne McCray's Armed and Dangerous reviews. And of course, your reward for tolerating those of us who line up for a large rodent's interpretation of just how much more suffering we have ahead of us...Eye Candy. Mmmmmm. You've been soooo good this week - I have something special in mind for you!

It’s Groundhog’s Day- I predict Six more weeks of Steamy novels!

For today’s blog, I read Zack: Armed and Dangerous by Cheyenne McCray. It was an easy read that I got through in 2 days. It focuses on the relationship between Skylar Mackenna and Zack Hunter. A relationship that began ten years ago and ended abruptly when Zack nearly killed his stepfather for beating his mother. Zack felt unable to control his rage and unworthy of Sky’s love. He broke her heart and went off to find himself and eventually become an agent for Immigration and Control Enforcement. After ten years of growing up and realizing what an idiot he was, he returns to win back Sky’s love. She never stopped thinking about him, both how hot he was and how he abandoned her. Her anger and protests don’t last and not long after he comes back to claim her , she is his again. The romance is interwoven with an interesting question of cattle rustling and who is behind it.

It was an easy enjoyable read and I give it 3 chocolate dipped strawberries.

- Cat Devon
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