Sunday, January 9, 2011

Military Men - Men who live to serve (us!)

Who doesn't love a man in uniform? A man willing to serve and protect, fight for freedom and liberty? I do, I do! Today's eye candy and this week's theme highlights stories dedicated to soldiers of today and yesterday and those who love them! Thank you to all who serve, who are far from home, who have sacrificed - know that your dedication is a special gift you bestow upon your country.

For those of you who aren't familiar with her, allow me to turn your on to one of my all time favorite authors: Cat Johnson. Cat's repertoire extends from cowboy to military, paranormal to erotic romance. She has a flair for creating real characters, creative storylines and sassy dialogue...oh and did I mention hawt, steamy love scenes? Grab a glass of ice water, a fan, what-have-you, and spend a little one on one time with this author.

Originially written as a short series: Red, Hot and Blue, has been expanded and re-released. The first three stories out: Trey, Jack and Jimmy bring action packed adventure and spicy hot lovin and mixes up a cocktail guaranteed to give you a big buzz!

Each of these three stories are quite different but the characters are connected: Jack and Jimmy are brothers, Trey's their special forces teammate and Jack's best friend. Trey ends up with Jack's crush on a deep undercover mission, Jack returns to his family horse farm to find his love on the lam, and Jimmy's smokin hot one night stand with a senator's daughter keeps him sane while he is tortured and held captive for six months on a mission gone wrong in Kosovo.

Friends, family, love and honor - ideals at their highest, passion at it's hottest - these stories have it all and more! For those who need that romance, that verbal sparring, engaging of wit and intellect, men who are brainy and brawny, look no further. Stop, salute and sigh......

I give Cat Johnson's Red, Hot and Blue fellas a very tasty 5 chocolate covered strawberries!

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