Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend goodies

Saturdays are good for more than just not going to work....they should be counted among your guiltiest indulgences! You firmly have my approval and permission to stop, take a pause and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Why this latitude? Because that is precisely my plan for this week. Now that the holidays have passed, while the house is still in semi-disarray, too cold out to do much of anything that doesn't resemble torture (sorry ski and snowboard enthusiasts) - pick up one or more of your TBR books, cup o tea or glass of wine, sit by the fire and READ! Feel free to test your boundaries - read something out of your comfort zone, learn and live a little! Now, while you are snacking on this latest piece of eye candy, allow me to open your mind to something a little new, a little different and a whole lot sexy! Mmmmmmmm

Becoming Men, Martin Delacroix, Noble Romance Publishing, November 2010

A single author anthology, BECOMING MEN tells the tales of three college men and their first loves. Full of passion, fear and fate, BECOMING MEN captures the reader's heart from the start and prods it through some very emotional twists and turns. Like a sweet ray of light after a dreary storm, each story finds the sweet after the bitter, the pleasure after the pain and rewards the reader with the knowledge that the course of love never does run smoothly!

In East Beach, the first story tells the tale of Ian and his summer job as a lifeguard on one of Florida's sunny beaches. Deeply closeted, Ian encounters openly gay men who revel in free love at the beach but he feels incapable of acting on his growing curiosity. Already attracted to men but in denial, he grows close to his co-worker, Kevin, as the summer passes. A traumatic event causes Ian to stop questioning and open up to the feelings he's developed for Kevin. Their consummation feels more like a conflagration as fumbling Ian learns to explore his sexuality and love.

In Angel from Asuncion, Jordy learns to stand on his own for the first time in his life. Lonely and out of place, he attempts to find friends throughout the campus – fraternities, singles ads, etc. Finally connecting with another lonely man even farther from home, Jordy and Angel build a life, first as roommates, second as friends and lastly as lovers. Tentative and sweet, they both battle insecurities, stigmas and misconceptions and eventually find the love that they truly appreciate and deserve.

The final short, Aaron Sickles and Me, the author pens a truly painful story of redemption and love. Andy as the promiscuous gym rat scoping on Aaron Sickles feels like the proverbial train on the track. Aaron comes by his conservative and guarded reserve naturally and Andy just doesn't seem to "get it". Once tragedy strikes, Aaron' seeming weakness becomes his greatest strength and his love heals our shero like no medicine can.

Big on romance, sex, and love – BECOMING MEN feels like the first chapter in a long story that ultimately finds its heroes reaching their own happily-ever-afters !

I give this sweet anthology 4 chocolate covered strawberries and wish I could be a fly on the wall for their next chapters in life!

This review was previously published on The Romance Reviews website.

The Romance Review

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