Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wounded Heart

Happy Tuesday everyone. The weather people are saying we are going to get about 5 inches of snow tomorrow, but I am not getting excited yet because they have told as that before and so far NADA. The review that I have for you this evening is from a new to me author and if you get the chance check her out.

This first book in the Heart series by Nicole Bradley is off to a strong start.

Charity Parris is going home. She is a survivor of an abusive marriage that cost her the life of her unborn child. Her ex-husband is now in jail and she is going back to New York to start her life over. Charity comes from a strong, close-knit family. Her mother is a district attorney and her father is the police chief at the precinct where she is now a detective, along with her brother. While her family may not understand why she stayed in her marriage, they are there to support and help her re-build her life.

Josh Muldoon is Charity's brother's best friend and a fellow detective. He is also the brother of her best friend and her teenage crush. Josh has had a long time crush on Charity as well but stayed away from her because she was his best friend's little sister.

Charity and Josh are made partners and have to investigate a murder case that is more than it originally appears. Can the partners learn to trust each other not only with their lives, but with their hearts?

This story has all of the elements to make it great -- strong lead characters, a good story and interesting secondary characters. I loved the extended families and see the potential for many more books based around the two clans. The mystery keeps you guessing until the end and the story line will draw you in. The only problem with this book is there are several disjointed scenes that interrupted the flow of the story. I think with some tighter editing on the next books, this series will be successful. I give Wounded Heart 3 chocolate dipped Strawberries.
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