Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Hump Day - Valkyrie style

Have I mentioned how much I dislike this month - I know there are those of you who have birthdays and anniversaries and the ever-dreaded V-Day afficionados - but for me, it just feels like the longest, coldest, saddest month of the year. So, my solution? Good books, good friends, good movies and good wine! Its a win-win-win-win combo! To that effect - today's eye candy, gratis of Tyra snagging the Highland Hie story already....! (Calorie free and worth going back for seconds!)

Continuing on with our salute to the mighty goddess of paranormal romance (and queen of snarky humor), Kresley Cole and her Immortals After Dark series....I choose book 5, Dark Desires After Dusk. First, because you gotta love all that alliteration in a book title. Second, because the heroine is seriously geek smart. And third, who doesn't love a bad demon gone good? when we last left off....just kidding. At this point in the IAD series, Rydstrom and Cadeon Woede are desperate to restore their kingdom. Cadeon will do anything to right the terrible wrong that he's done to his family allowing their kingdom to be stolen by Omort the Deathless. Presently, Cade has been working as a mercenary known as Cade the Kingmaker. He has a reputation for being able to put anyone on a throne--except the one person he wants to most. Finally, Cade is given the opportunity to right this wrong by getting an ensorcelled sword that will be able to kill Omort. The only thing he has to do is deliver a woman known as the Vessel to Omort's brother. The vessel is a member of the Lore who will give birth to a child born of ultimate evil or ultimate good--depending on the child's father. The problem is, she's also Cade's fated female.

Holly Ashwin is an obsessive-compulsive PhD candidate at Tulane who teaches mathematics to jocks. Holly has a thing for threes, compulsive cleaning, and computer codes and mathematics. She has been raised as a mortal and has no idea that she's the Vessel until she's kidnapped from campus and held hostage for a demon ritual. While Holly is fighting them off, she's struck by lightning and suddenly overcome with the preternatural strength of a rage-filled Valkyrie. After killing those who would do her harm, Holly meets up with Cade who informs her that all of the myths she's ever heard are real and that all the creatures of the Lore are after her--some want her dead and some want to father her unborn child. With him as her guide, Cade promises to help Holly regain her mortality. That's what Holly wants, her mortality....and a rage demon for a mate...Did I mention Cade is really hawt? Boy do I love bad boys.

Dark Desires After Dusk definitely ranks as one of the best in the Immortals After Dark series. Far darker and edgier than some of the other stories, I enjoyed the struggle that Cade went through in his path to find true love and self-forgiveness. I will always affirm an author who gives me butt kicking heroines and yummy alpha males, but I love seeing the journey they take to get to their HEA. I agree that some suffering is necessary to get to that place but I truly appreciate this tale where brains equal brawn and she gets to save him as much as he saves her! (How very Pretty Woman!) Filled with plenty of action-adventure, snarky, laugh out loud humor and sexy, racy romance, Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series delivers the whole enchilada!

I give Dark Desires After Dusk five big, fat chocolate dipped strawberries and hope they tide me over until the next installment due out soon!
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