Friday, February 25, 2011

Touchy Feely Friday

It's the last Friday in the miserable month of February. WOO HOO! Bring on springtime! Those warm days spoiled me but the ice we got Monday night reminded me that there is plenty of winter left:( No worries, warm weather will get here and I will be a happy girl. Now to figure out how to read in a tanning bed......hmmmm. This week we read Nikki Duncan and her Sensory Ops Series. This was the first book I have read by Nikki and I did enjoy it. In fact I will add the rest of this series to my to be read pile (it used to be a list I kept now it's more of a .

Scent of Persuasion by Nikki Duncan

Actress Kami Evans is tackling the biggest role of her life—as an escort. There’s definitely something going on in Madame V’s mansion, but Kami has to prove herself trustworthy before she can dig deeper and prove her stepbrother didn’t commit suicide.

Her first assignment: seduce a CEO and, oddly, steal his hair brush. He’s everything she avoids in a man: suave, sexy, suited. She plays her role all the way to the bedroom…and finds it stunningly difficult to walk away.

Breck Lawson’s undercover assignment, posing as a replacement CEO, is yielding zero clues as to why his friend tried to kill himself—until Kami comes on the scene. She’s everything he likes in a woman: safe, sexy, temporary. She also arouses him just by walking into a room, a sure sign it’s time to push her away.

Then he connects the dots she unwittingly shares, and realizes their investigations are linked by delicate strands of DNA. Keeping her near isn’t wise, but he has to know her secrets and keep her safe.

Unless they trust each other and come clean, those dots could lead to death for both of them…

This was an outside of the box read for me. It took me a couple chapters to get into the book and that could be because I read out of order. But once I got into it I enjoyed it. Nikki took a big story and crammed it into a great short story. Nothing got left out or overlooked. It amazes me how authors can do that! What kept me reading was the fact that Kami and Breck were working for the same cause. I was dying to know when they would figure it out! The Ava twist was a surprise too (no,I'm not saying anymore). I have to admit that Breck was kinda cold towards Kami when all was said and done. He soooo coulda handled that better. But he's a man and they have to learn everything the hard way.

I give this book 3 chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of hair dye (purple is my color of choice). Hope everyone has a fab week and make sure you add this series to your to be read list or pile!
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