Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Turn for Scents

Hello everyone,

This week has been so crazy busy but not all bad. Work has been insane and my son fell from his four wheeler (still trying to get an answer as to whether his arm is broken or not) but… it is high school basketball playoffs. I love watching basketball, especially when a local team is making it to the states. My son’s team is out of it but his friends just one Regional’s –YEAH!!! I don’t have any voice left from all of the yelling. As busy as I have been there is still time to read. This week’s choice was left me with mix feeling.

I loved Nikki Duncan’s first book Sounds to Die By. I went into thinking about the series as a whole, “Sensory Ops Series”, the hero or heroine having a special ability caused by or related to sight, scent , hearing or touch. The first book was right in line with my thoughts. Ian was fabulous with his lack of sight but instead he rises above and we the readers get pulled in immediately to the world of sound. Nikki’s story makes you realize that anything is possible, that there are no real limitations unless you give up and have your own private pity party. Exceptional reading.

But I struggled with the second book, Scents of Persuasion. I was expecting to be immediately introduced to our main characters, one of which would have some type of sensory challenge to overcome?! That wasn’t the case. Breck and Kami's characters are great but I was reading the book waiting for something that never materialized. I keep going back to the beginning to see if I was missing something but…no. Once I realized that wasn’t going to be the gist of the series I could get into the plot. The storyline is great and moves smoothly. I loved that fact that she brought Ian and Kieralyn back in her second story and of course their whole team. As a reader, you start getting attached to all the characters and it is nice when they show up in subsequent books, even if it is just briefly.

The ending was great and worth staying with the story. I give this book 3 chocolate dipped strawberries. Take time for yourselves this week and enjoy your reading.

Review by Shari
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