Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out of Her League

WELCOME to our Romantic Suspense-ful Week with Kaylea Cross! Each day this week, one of us will review each of the books in Cross's great romantic suspense series that follows Luke Hutchinson as he pursues a terrorist. Readers meet his family and each of the men (and the women they fall in love with) throughout the series. We recommend reading the books in order so, for today, we bring you BOOK ONE:

Out of Her League by Kaylea Cross
Kaylea builds her main character Christa in a believable manner that allows for the reader to stay with the storyline from the first page. Christa is a strong, independent woman has goals beyond her desperate need to one day get married and have a family. (Amen Sister!)

The author has taken a real threat that many women either have heard and commiserated around or just plain out-right experienced and brings it out in this book. I found myself clenching my fists and squirming at times given the level of fear that was invoked by Christa’s story. Rayne…my oh my…a man with military background and a delicious physique (as described by Christa). Whew. What’s not to like about that? He has the role of hero and plays it well. With a sordid past filled with a long line of women, no one - not even Christa, believes he has the ability to figure out what he wants and stick with it.

As the reader, you better get ready for sleepless nights because it is very difficult to put this book down and focus on anything else! 5 chocolate covered strawberries.
Review by Liz


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