Friday, April 29, 2011

Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf, the newest book in the series by Rebecca Royce, has the ingredients of a delicious paranormal romantic suspense… a powerful but caring hero, a strong and loyal heroine, a suspenseful mystery and a magical world. Royce does not disappoint readers with this enticing story of mystery and turmoil in the wolf world.

Alpha WolfMichael Kane arrives in New Orleans to meet with the Alpha of the pack that has cared for his sister while hiding her away from Michael's father, Kendrick Kane. He arrives to take her home only to find out she is missing. Instead, he meets his mate. She is more timid than any wolf shifter he has met in all of his two hundred years and it is immediately obvious to him that she has been abused. And the more he learns, the more that everything with this pack suddenly seems wrong. Though desperate to connect with his mate, he places his own needs aside and focuses on the needs of his mate, a trait that is venerable in an Alpha who is used to being all-controlling. Michael is the Alpha of readers’ dreams – strong yet sweet, commanding yet tender.

Scarlett Knoll recognizes instinctively that Michael is her mate but is confused by his caring behavior. Knowing her own weakness as a latent wolf shifter, meaning her wolf never presented itself, Scarlett expects him to abandon her for a stronger wolf mate. Michael shocks her when he immediately begins to take care of her despite his original objective of finding his sister. She seems skittish but there is an inner strength that readers can see in Scarlett. A spectrum of emotions are touched upon as readers watch Scarlett emerge from her shell – sorrow at the fear she harbors, anger at the injustice she suffered, and delight as she discovers her gifts. Scarlett’s journey was subtle and yet intrinsic to the story.  Without this evolution, the two mates could not have become one.

The pack dynamic is crafted beautifully with enough detail to make it real to readers as Michael interacts with the other wolf shifters. Though his focus is on caring for Scarlett, Michael recognizes his obligation to assist the misguided New Orleans pack. His character will have readers swooning nearly as much as his physique. Michael removes the power-hungry Alphas who have mismanaged the pack for years and teaches the others how trustworthy Alpha wolf shifters behave. The secondary characters, along with the hero and heroine, are multi-dimensional and add to the story. The scenes in which Michael both fights some pack members and teaches the others are vividly painted in words so that readers feel they are actually present.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This series is definitely worth checking out. There is so much to love about a book packed with romance, sexy Alpha males, suspense and action. Alpha Wolf is a page turner – one you won’t want to put down once you start.
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