Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wolf's Magic

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great week and that you’re getting out and enjoying the weather. There isn’t anything better than sitting outside in the evening with a cold drink and your book of the week. READ – READ – READ – you know you want to.

Wolf’s Magic by Rebecca Royce
Wolf’s Magic is the story of Azriel Kane, fifth brother in the royal Westervelt wolf pack. Always different from his siblings, Azriel prefers to spend his time underground in a lab than out fighting battles to save the pack from destruction. In his own way, he feels he is contributing to the pack’s success. However, when fate plants his destined mate in a cage where he can’t ignore her, Az will be forced to face up the demons that have plagued him since childhood and be the shifter she needs him to be.
Leah St. James has no idea who she is or how she came to be trapped in a cage in Az’s lab. The only thing she is certain about is that she is not a wolf and that she wants out of her false wolf body as soon as possible. Counting on Az to save her from the same doomed fate as the other wolves Az is given to study, from the distance of her cage she can see Az for who he really is and not the false front he presents to the world.
But Kendrick Kane is not done with Westervelt and when he steps up his game to eliminate the Kanes from Westervelt, Az and Leah will need each other to discover the truth behind his evil plans, that is if Azriel can finally reveal the secret he has been keeping since he was a child.
With Leah’s help, can Azriel finally take his place in the pack hierarchy or will they fail and lose Westervelt forever?

Shifters, hot guys and powerful women what’s not to love? Add to that the conversations that each of them have with their “furry side” and Rebecca has a hit. This is the fourth in the series and I have to say that it is my favorite. Az’s insecurities in himself and his shy domineer make him adorable. He is the quiet brains of the family but that doesn’t mean he can’t fight. His relationship with Leah is so special. Az is Leah’s first love and first love is always so sweet.
The story line itself develops nicely and moves quickly. You have to love the personalities of the wolves themselves. I have never read a book where the wolf had its own separate personality. That is not just unique but very creative. I have to give Wolf’s Magic 3 ½ chocolate dipped strawberries.

Review by Shari
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