Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going Wilde

I read Going Wilde by Chloe Lang about a month ago. It was enough to entice me to read the second book in the series but not to make me excited about it. Here's my original review I did for The Romance Reviews but let me add that I've since read the second and am now anxiously waiting for the third to come out soon. Elements that were lacking have been tied up neatly to make the story more solid.  

Going Wilde [The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 1] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever - Serialized)Going Wilde, the first in The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada series, brings us a love hexagon with six lovers in one relationship. And it’s a formula for hot sex and lots of it. The book is a quick read with a steady and fluid flow.
Jessie comes to Wilde, Nevada to investigate accidents in the local mine. A city girl at heart, Jessie doesn’t belong in this remote and rugged western town. But she just might change her mind when she meets some of the sexiest cowboys she's ever seen. Jackson Wilde knows when he first sees Jessie that she's the one for him and his four brothers, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Austin. (seriously, the names are a bit corny?!)
Spending her birthday away from home, Jessie meets up with four of the brothers in the bar and grill across from her hotel. She’s taken in by their charm. When one thing leads to another, the sexual pleasures the brothers give Jessie are more than she ever thought would happen. Alone with Jackson once the others leave, he takes her virginity and it seems to bind them though there is no obvious chemistry even though the author told me there is, I just didn’t feel the attraction.
The plot thickens some when a mining accident occurs on the same day Jessie is scheduled to visit the mine. It has the brothers wondering who’s causing their usually accident-free mine trouble. With Jessie now in danger’s way, Jackson has an even greater need to bring her into their family and protect her. But their oldest brother Austin wants nothing to do with sharing a woman and wants only to protect their business.
The book ends on a cliff hanger that leaves the reader interested enough to read more. So I’ll pick up the next in the series and see where it goes but I’m not sold on it yet. For now, just 3 chocolate-dipped strawberries. But I'm going back for seconds when the next batch comes out.
** NOTE that you must read this series in order for it to make sense. **

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