Saturday, April 9, 2011

So Ready for Saturday!

I am so ready for the weekend but where the heck is the sunshine. The only thing better than curling up with a good book is sprawling out in the sun, covered in oil reading a good book. Tanning beds are good but real sunshine is the best. Oh well, it is the weekend and that is enough reason to smile.

I finally finished Lover Unleashed and have to add my review to the groups. By this time in the week you know the story line and most likely you have made a trip to the book store or purchased it for your e-reader. No matter how many reviews you read you won’t find a bad one. Many of the reviews say that the story starts out slow. I don’t disagree but I think looking back on now it is because of the side stories. Whenever I read a book I tend to focus on the main characters and wait for their stories to develop. Manny and Payne’s plot in the beginning of the book is second to that of V and Jane’s. It just takes you by surprise.

All the Brothers are so colorful that you don’t want to lose them once their book is finished. You fall in love with the characters and you look forward to reading about them in the subsequent books. The problem is that if you don’t read the books in order you really won’t enjoy many of the side stories. Lover Unleashed is a good example of that. I need to go back now and read the beginning of the book now that I remind myself of that point.

Lover Unleashed is a must read but my suggestion is to take the time and read the series in order. You will get more out of the books that way and you will make Tyra very, very happy. The stories are intense but the endings are always fantastic and leave you wanting more. Discussing what the next story is about is half the fun. The last 100 pages of this book in my opinion are the best of them all.

I give this book 4 ½ chocolate dipped strawberries because I am saving my 5 vote for Quinn, Blaylock and Layla together!!! You know it could work and I do believe it should be the next book.

- Shari
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