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Is it possible for a blogger to have writers block? Well if it is then I think I have it. As those of you who know me personally can attest I am NEVER at a loss for words. I can probably tell a story about just about anything. I have two books that I have read recently that I LOVED but I just can't seem to put my thoughts into words. Maybe my brain decided to go on Summer vacation along with my kids. Or maybe it's because all of my brain cells have been pre-occupied trying to find things for my kids to do this summer so I don't get the "I'm bored" phone call 50 million times in a day. Or maybe it's because I have seen the previews for the new True Blood season and Eric is not running down the road naked with amnesia and I am just sad. Whatever it is someone needs to slap me out of this funk. But until they do I am going to insert a blog that was posted on the Romance Review site by me and hope to be better next week.

Necessary Roughness, G.G. Royale, Loose Id
Denise has wanted her own professional football team since she was six years old. Now, she's finally got it, but it comes with one problem: recovering alcoholic and notorious lecher Levi "So Fly" Ballom. As a record-setting tight end, his numbers on the field are fantastic, but it's what's going on off the field that has Denise worried. She can't seem to get the Nordic god out of her mind, and her desire could put the future of her brand new franchise at risk.

Levi promised his agent no women for the first year of his recovery, and he was really trying to keep that promise until in swayed his new team's manager, Denise. All he can think about is tying her up and taking her hard, and he can't keep his mind on the game. He only sees one way out of this predicament -- do what his fantasies tell him -- but the promise he made to his agent stands in the way.

What do a troubled football star and the GM of his new team have in common? They both like a little necessary roughness.

When Levi Ballom came to play for the development team, The Biloxi Bloodhounds, it was just a stepping stone back into the pros. Levi had been released from his last team due to scandals involving drugs, alcohol and women. Now fresh from rehab and 6 months sober, he is looking for a way back and isn't going to let anything get in his way.

Denise Claremont Hynes is trying to step out of her father's shadow. After allowing her father to buy a new franchise for her, she wants him to leave her alone to run her team. Being the hard working take charge motivated person that she is, Denise has no doubt that she will make it happen. She isn't sure she wants to take a chance on a troublemaker like Levi but knows he can help make her team successful if his manager is telling her the truth about his sobriety.

One thing neither of them counted on was their instant attraction to one another. Even more surprising to Denise is her need to submit to Levi.

This story, while being well written, didn't click for me. I had a hard time believing the connection between the two protagonists. While understanding the need for Denise, who is so in control of every aspect of her life, to be able to give up control in this one area, I didn't feel the emotional connection needed for a Dom/sub relationship. I honestly think my biggest problem buying into their relationship was the lack of kissing. For me, the kiss is where the emotion and trust begin.

Levi's character comes across as someone who has realized the mistakes he made and truly wants to do things right this time. Denise could have very easily come across as spoiled, but thankfully the author wrote her with a work ethic that kept that from happening.

Despite my misgivings regarding the overall relationship of these two characters, the story held potential. From a fan of BDSM, please note that sometimes "necessary roughness" needs to be tempered with necessary softness.
I give this book 3 chocolate dipped strawberries.

This review was origianlly posted at The Romance Review
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