Monday, June 13, 2011

The Alpha's Fall

The Alpha's Fall [Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska 2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever - Serialized)The Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska series is an addictive erotic shifter series. This second installment uses the same vivid and detailed writing to add more substance to this evolving plot. The Alpha’s Fall affirms the relationship between Noah, Alpha of the pack, and Eve. The characters continue to grab the reader’s attention and affections.

** It is necessary to read this series in order because they play right into each other. You cannot understand the storyline without reading them in order. **

The heroine, Eve, is a veterinarian who has been given permission to study the wolves on an Alaskan preserve controlled by the Dillon family. Eve has been oddly attracted to Noah Dillon and his six brothers and cousins since she arrived. Noah, Alpha of his pack, has known from their first meeting that Eve is his true mate but just when Noah makes his move to claim her, wolves on their land are killed and then the absolute worst happens when one of his own brothers is attacked. Since Noah believes himself ultimately responsible as the Alpha for his pack, he is wrecked by the attack.

As Noah comes to terms with the attack and begins looking into the cause, his self-blame causes him to pull away from Eve. So realistically natural a reaction, Noah’s character is real to the reader. At first Eve is distracted as her medical training allows her to care for the injured Ethan. But then as Noah continues to disconnect, Eve is hurt by Noah pulling away from her until she pushes him to deal with his feelings, and to deal with her.

Eve comes into her own in this book – a concern I had from the first book resolved - as the spunk I expected in an educated woman like Eve kicked in. Though a bit shy when meeting the Dillon elders, Eve’s true personality shines when she asserts herself and does not allow the men to continue sheltering her. Eve is exactly what Noah needs and it is a beautiful thing to see.

This story, like the first in the series, ends again in the midst of drama. I wanted so badly to be able to turn the page and find out what happens next. So be warned that you will need to pick up the next book right away after reading this. I’m waiting anxiously to read more about Eve and each of her mates.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-dipped Strawberries.

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