Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Humpday - June at last!

Howdy again! Here we are, midway through the year already! (How did it happen so fast?) My firstborn has a birthday tomorrow, my other next week. We have hit the home stretch for the school year and, hopefully, things have settled down at the hospital where I work and census will drop a bit. Summer, while not my true favorite season, is certainly something worth enjoying - sunny days, sultry evenings, sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, a good book and great friends! Today I bestow upon you another delish treat, eye candy, to help us keep our figures here in swimsuit season...yummmmmmm!

Bridled Heart, Paty Jager, Wild Rose Press, January 2011

Paty Jager takes on the hefty task of telling the tale of a broken ER nurse and the bareback rider who heals her heart. BRIDLED HEART sings to the romantic soul like a country ballad: a little sad, a little hopeful and always, always about love.

Gina Montgomery's abusive past haunts her, forcing her to close off from personal relationships of any kind. Working as a traveler nurse, Gina spends little time in any one place and her passions lie in her piano music and her dream to build a camp for abused children. Holt Reynolds fights his own demons, beleaguered by guilt over his sister's suicide. When not competing in rodeos, Holt pours his emotions into his art and it is his soulful renderings that capture the eye of the introverted fundraiser volunteer. Her music reminds him of his sister's. Together they have a chance to heal one another's personal pain if they can only make that leap of faith.

This romance manages to be both sweet and sexy but not in an obvious way. Holt's courtship of the wary Gina speaks of his genuine affection for her. What starts as fascination and infatuation grows into heated romance. Like the gentle breaking of a skittish mare, Holt manages to convince Gina his intentions are honest and true and watching the pair fall in love is quite touching. The growth and development of the secondary characters adds to the storyline as much as the small mystery of who is stalking Gina and why.

A highly enjoyable read, BRIDLED HEART takes the reader on a true journey through the healing process of victims of abuse. With a clever storyline, solid characters and well-written dialogue, Paty Jager's love story will leave the reader sighing and wishing for more.

I always enjoy finding a new author and Paty Jager is a worthy find. Her story, Bridled Heart, is the kind you want to read on a slow summer evening. I give this sweet summer read four chocolate dipped strawberries.

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