Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot (& Cold) Puma Nights

Falke's Peak
Falke's Peak is the first book in the Puma Nights series. I listened to it on audiobook and while I loved the story and the characters, I wasn't crazy about the narrator. But here I review the book (not the narrator)...

Falke's Peak starts with Dakota on a much needed vacation with her friend and her fiancé because just before the trip her other single friend backs out. Now she feels like the third wheel. So instead of hanging around, Dakota goes to Catamount Outfitters, a store owned by a family of shifters, to find a guide for an excursion. She so didn't expect to meet five deliciously indulgent rugged-looking men, not to mention the real-life cougar roaming the store.

Since Dakota doesn’t know the men are shifters and unaware of the cougar’s true identity, she’s alarmed at first but soon finds herself adapting. This is what most drew me to Dakota – not the traditional city girl that the readers first assumes but rather adaptable, strong and resilient. Wanting an adventure and throwing caution to the wind, she signs up for a rustic five-day get away to a remote cabin.

The oldest brother Axel serves as her guide, along with Axel's twin Gunnar in his cougar form Falke. As the trio spend time together on their hike, both Axel and Gunnar realize Dakota is their fated mate. They try to hold off their attraction since she’s a client (and they do have a “paws off” policy) but as time passes, the temptation becomes too much. And this is where the fun begins...

Everyone has heard of “twin swapping” but the Falke brothers take it to a higher level. The brothers trade off as Falke, not trusting one another to spend time alone with their mate as they struggle to share her. They always knew they would one day share a mate but they’ve never shared a woman before this and it is more a challenge than they thought. Yet their jealous antics are laugh aloud funny, and in the end they accepted their reality of sharing Dakota.

As they begin a relationship, all three characters have some uncertainty about their ability to make a relationship work. With three distinctly strong personalities, each with their own faults, they are both realistic and imperfectly great characters meant for one another. Yet the reader is never sure how, or even if, they will have their HEA which keeps you reading. The story is fast paced – you won’t want to put it down - and before you know it their adventure is over and reality is literally upon them.

Falke's Peak is a shifter love story that avoids the stereotypes by presenting the story in an unconventional setting with unique shifter culture. Anna Leigh Keaton combined romance, adventure, and humor to give paranormal romance fans the beginning of a great new series. The Falke family is such a charming cast of characters; I can’t wait for the books about the rest of the family.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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