Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump day hottness - Bring on Bastian!

Hey there Hump day humpers! I have to say, picking eye candy this week was pain free - the covers of Elizabeth Amber's books ARE the very definition of eye candy! Seriously. Nothing like a hot book during a hot summer to make you....well, hot! Don't forget to make a comment to enter in a drawing for autographed copies of Ms. Amber's delish new releases!

Bastian is the sixth of Ms. Amber's Satyr series - the second brother in the Roman branch, set in the 1880's. The best thing she does is provide her readers with a tapestry of richly woven threads: plot, characters, setting, sex. I have been a huge fan of Ms. Amber's writing since her debut novel was published. She showcases some serious writing talent in the creation of a unique paranormal world with her Satyr descendants and their highly erotic exploits. There is enough of the ongoing drama of the ElseWorld and it's political intrigues and drawn out history that I highly recommend reading this series in order. Like many other romantic series involving siblings, it helps to see the development of characters as the world building yields to character development throughout. And, to be perfectly honest, the further into the series you get, the less shocking the Satyr "Moonful celebrations" are and one can enjoy them for the sensual, erotic scenes they are intended to be.

Dane provided readers with the introduction to the Roman faction - complete with another magical vineyard, mystical grotto and now an archaeological dig. Amber's tales depict the continued drive of the Satyr men to preserve the safety and sanctity of the ElseWorld. In Dane, she gives the reader glimpses of Bastian, the sexy eldest brother fixated on delving into the mysteries of the past.

Bastian does not disappoint. His passion for history is rivalled only by his passion for women. Fortunately having a brother who runs a brothel keeps our sexually charged men in constant companions. Speaking of companions, Bastian's story begins with his latest companion from Sevin's club, Michaela. Once a Vestal Virgin, trained to be a companion, Emphemeral Michaela gives up her immortality for the chance to become Bastian's lover in her own form. Her best friend Silvia, also a former Vestal Virgin and an Ephemeral, lives vicariously through the sexual exploits of her friend in order to maintain both her virginity and her immortality. Soon Silvia finds herself competing with her best friend for the man they both love and also with the man that she loves for the archaeological find they both need. Can love survive all these deceptions?

I loved that Bastian and Silvia have this undeniable attraction that transcends the physical plane. The magic between them so strong that Bastian, who is completely color blind, can see brilliant colors whenever she is around, in whatever form she is in - be it ghost, host or her own! The storyline was intricate but not so complicated that it required multiple readings just to process. The sensuality ripe on the page made for some seriously hot love scenes, especially as the Emphemeral Silvia must take on new hosts every month (now that makes for some very interesting lovin!!!!!). The realness of these two characters, faults and all, were so enjoyable: their sense of honor, family, nobility and, ultimately, faith in each other. Theirs is a hard fought happily ever after and well worth the time and effort! Be prepared, dear readers, have tissue box and fan in hand - this tale has high highs and low lows. I adore this sensual ElseWorld and it's evolution into the human plane and am very eagerly anticipating the next installment!

I give this book five chocolate dipped strawberries (plus two more on hold, for Sevin's story is next!!!!!) and urge you to take this guilty indulgence on your next getaway - be it the sands of Hawaii, the nearest beach or your local pool - it's got sizzling summer read all over it!
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