Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's me on a Tuesday!

They have switched me in the blog line up! Don’t they know I can’t think of a snappy title to go with Tuesday? It feels like I just blogged. Oh wait! I did! No worries though. I had a great weekend. Awesomeness was everywhere this weekend. Finished the All Star Soccer season with a great set of girls. Onto travel in August. Spent Sunday with the girls and enjoying good food and True Blood. Although I was busy this weekend I did have time to get into this book…..

Dane, The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber
When Dane Satyr approaches Eva for her services as a matchmaker, she offers him more than just introductions. Dane has discovered that Eva is a Satyr like himself, full of insatiable passion and dark desires. Their attraction combusts instantaneously, unlocking pleasures that neither can resist repeating…even as Eva seeks out a mortal bride for Dane…

A Demand That Can’t Be Denied
Dane knows that the anonymous enemies of his past are now smiling in his face, but unmasking them is no easy task. A ring of sex slavers is at work amidst the high society he courts, and revealing his sensual powers could expose his greatest vulnerability. But having sampled the delights of a satyr mistress, Dane finds his own desires rising against him as well…
To be honest with you I spent the entire time thinking I read this book out of order. Turns out that I did not. I have to agree with Cat. I felt like I was missing a few details here and there. But nothing to keep me from reading the rest of the series. I am looking forward to reading the rest of these books. Dane’s brother’s stories should be good. I will also tell you that from the moment I read the name Odette, I felt immediately that she couldn’t be trusted. She kept to tight of a leash on Eva. But I did love how they had their own little family so to speak. And I’ll be honest, I had to re read the part in the beginning where she described Evas bed she received from her mother. Pretty sure you won’t find one of those in your local furniture store!

I give this story 3 chocolate dipped strawberries and one of those self refilling wine bottles!PEACE!
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