Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hump Day Helloooooo!

I have spent a good chunk of this start to the summer reading YA new releases (guilty indulgent gal that I am!).... Maybe sometime soon, I'll break down and clue you in - let you share in the wealth! However, I recently took a break from YA to go back to some serious paranormal roots.....Since it's above 90, hot and steamy out, a good old southern summer brewing - let me give you some perfect beach reads. And just to keep it real - I gift you with some delish eye candy!!!!

Sara Brookes' new Rebirth Series has some serious chops, capturing readers in a well crafted world where vampires, humans and the Fae collide. FLASH OF DARK teases the reader with her take on the Otherworlders who live among us, sometimes scary, sometimes sexy, always more than anyone bargains for.

Ana Sullivan was sent to the human realm hundreds of years ago to watch over the High King of the Fae, Quinn O'Brien, who decides to live among the mortals. Running a popular bar and supported by her vampire best friend, Lucas, Ana performs her duties with little fanfare, determined not to get too involved with humans. A series of high profile murders threatens her sanctuary as does a chance meeting with Stark Grantham. Ana fights her desire and her supernatural powers as she and Stark race the clock to find a killer.

Gone are the days where heroes were muscle bound and saved the day. Stark Grantham, while a tastily depicted male specimen, captures the Fae Guardian with his brains and his determination. Captivated by the tabloid sensation that is Stark, Ana is no wilting flower. She fights and battles like the greatest warriors. More often than not, she saves the day – until her emotions get the better of her and force her to make decisions that have huge ramifications both personally and professionally. Stark and Ana's relationship is dark and sexy and takes the reader on a wild ride.

Ms Brookes' story weaves a web with a few holes but it's obviously setting the stage for additional storylines. With a cliffhanger ending, readers will be bound to struggle – only to realize it is because they want to read more. Ms Brookes' follow up installment, Blood Fever, is eagerly anticipated!

I give this a tasty 5 chocolate dipped strawberries....sitting by the pool, staying cool, reading a hot story!

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