Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not Just Another Shifter Romance!

Moonlight Rapture
Moonlight Rapture grabbed my attention from the start and I needed only to hold on tight for the ride. This book was an action-packed nail biter that had so much going on, the reader could never get bored. Though tossed right into the middle of a scene that took me a bit to figure out, I was immediately immersed in Julie’s world and had to find out more and more and more. I was so engrossed in the action, I simply couldn’t put the book down.
Julie is a werewolf who has inherited a deadly disease that triggers only a partial shift. These attacks cause her great pain and will ultimately be the cause of her death. Victor, a vampire, has long been with her family to aid in Julie’s attacks because his saliva acts as a numbing agent for Julie and it is only because of his rapture that she survives each attack. Over the years, Julie and Victor have fallen in love. Victor is wise, gentle and loves Julie deeply – there really is nothing not to like about him. But Julie must mate with a werewolf to carry on her family line.
Julie’s family lives in a town whose inhabitants are predominantly preternatural beings. When her father dies suddenly, Julie becomes the Matron of her town. And now the neighboring wolf pack tries to force Julie, a rare adult female, into mating one of them. With much deception and so many wanting to control Julie’s life, she needs both Victor and her new love, Brad, to save her. Brad accepts that he must share her with Victor but this is only the first step to creating a peaceful existence.
Moonlight Rapture is a fantastic book that brings together several factions of the preternatural world: vampires, werewolves and demons all in one, and creates a world where they co-exist peacefully. The author was quite creative putting all three creatures into one world. With all the varying powers, the reader is never really sure who holds the most power.
This book has a unique story line, strong characterization and suspense-filled moments. Read it – you won’t regret it – it’s not just another shifter romance.
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RATING: 5 Chocolate-dipped Strawberries... yum.
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