Monday, September 5, 2011

I've Got Blood Fever

Thanks to Jenn (no really, I mean it this time!), I was turned on to this series by an author I've read before and liked. But this series is different and I was not so sure but... I loved it. And you will too if you like paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Blood Fever, the second book in Sara Brooke’s Rebirth series, continues with more twists in a wildly magical world. Just like the first book, it is sure to capture readers’ attention. Immediately jumping into the adventure, the story goes full throttle from page one - readers will not be able to put it down. Focusing on Evande, a female vampire who walked out on her lover, Quinn, years ago but now turns up needing his help, this book includes mystery, fantasy, and romance.

The story is told from the heroine Evande’s perspective. Evande once ran from her lover, Quinn, believing that he expected more from her than she was willing to give and fearing the intensity of her feelings for him. Quinn wanted Evande to be true to her vampire nature by drinking human blood to sustain her life or allow him to convert her to a human but Evande refused. An independent woman, Evande would not be swayed and instead, true to her propensity to run, she left Quinn.

Quinn, as an exiled fae king, lives as a human though he is all-powerful and would’ve done anything for Evande. Now he gets his chance when Evande finds herself in trouble with no one to turn to but Quinn. Having broken the laws of the vampire Elders and re-birthed a vampire, she’s on the run for her life and she and Logan, her newborn vampire, head for Quinn’s ranch. In the midst of her trouble, Evande now also needs to deal with the reasons she left Quinn in the first place. Seeing Quinn again reminds her that she has never really gotten over him and now she’s beginning to have feelings for Logan as well.

The three main characters are well-developed. While I struggled with liking Evande, I thought both Quinn and Logan were great. Both had redeeming qualities and I fluctuated in my opinion of which one was best for Evande. Though I loved-loved-loved that both men had the same goal of keeping Evande safe and neither man was willing to give her up. Through description and realistic dialogue, their love was reflected in their actions as their chemistry burst from the pages. The sexually charged moments with Logan and the emotionally packed moments with Quinn raised the sexual tension to a breaking point while all three were at the ranch.

Blood Fever is another good book in the series. Readers run along with Evande on her action-filled adventure that leads to an unexpected ending. Fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy will enjoy this book but... read the first book in the series first to get a background.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.

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