Friday, October 7, 2011

Air Demon

The warrior demons from Jinnistan are back in this second installment of the Elemental Demon series. This book picks up right where book one ended, but we are dealing with a different elemental and to say that he has some very interesting talents would be an understatement!

Storym is excited to have found his mate. The only problem is Nick is from the surface world, so that makes him human, which in Storym's mind means he is fragile. So to keep Nick safe, Storym is not going to claim his Demonas Amate. What he didn't expect was for Nick to return to the surface world because he felt rejected by Storym.

After spending one amazing night in Storym's bed, Nick is sure the warrior will claim him, and when he awakes to find himself alone and later learns that Storym asked to be sent away on assignment, he is crushed. Deciding to return to the surface and his life as a cop is the only choice he feels he has left.

What neither man realizes is that the shayatin know that Nick is one of the "chosen" and it doesn't matter where he is, his life is in danger. When Storym returns because he can't stand to be away from Nick he may just be too late to save the man that was destined to be his.

I am really enjoying this word that Ms. Glenn has created. Seems to me that demons are the new vampire, thankfully these demons don't sparkle. What they do is kick some bad guy ass along with having some creatively hot sex with their mates. Who knew having control of the wind could be so erotic? And while they are badass demon warriors they still make some very stupid human mistakes. There were several times in the beginning of the book that I just wanted to shake Storym and then I was mad at Nick for giving up so soon. LOL I guess that's one way to know that a book has drawn you into the story line because you are yelling at the characters like they are real.

We get a glimpse of who the other two Demonas Amates are and I have to say that I am sure those tales are going to be very interesting and I know some warriors who are going to have their hands full.

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