Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fight Like A Girl!

Entangled- A Paranormal Anthology

Ghostly Justice- a Seven Deadly Sins Novella by Allison Brennan

So, we were very excited to read and review the Entangled Anthology. A great concept and a great opportunity to get to know new authors and characters without overburdening all of our TBR piles. Because I had fallen in love with Jennifer Estep’s Mythos Academy Series and read her first two books in that series, I went first to Halloween Frost. Loved it and will blog about it separately. Then I needed to pick another novella to review. For some reason Allison Brennan’s title, Ghostly Justice, peaked my interest, and I was not disappointed. In fact, it did exactly what it was supposed to do, it told a great story in a short number of pages and made me interested in finding out more about the characters by reading Brennan’s other works.

In Ghostly Justice we first meet Detective Grant Nelson who had a traumatic encounter a month before when a coven of witches used the Demon Lust to commit murder and mayhem. Unfortunately, during this encounter, his girlfriend sacrificed herself to save him. He has struggled every day to survive in the world without her and has done so, in part, to fulfill her dying wish, that he find out what happened to a 16 year old murder victim. The circumstances of the teenage victim’s death lead Detective Nelson to think there was a supernatural link, so he calls two Demon Hunters, Moira O’Donnell and Rafe Cooper, whom he met at the last encounter. The Demon Hunters are charged with tracking down the Seven Deadly Sins, incarnate demons that have been recently released by Hell, and they want to determine whether one of those Demons had a role in this murder. There is suspense, drama and romance in this novella. If left me wanting to know more details about what exactly happened in the big blow up a month before and what will happen to Detective Nelson in the future. I also was very drawn to Moira and Rafe’s relationship. They clearly love one another, but chasing Demons is no easy task and they each have their own supernatural baggage which complicates their relationship. My favorite line in the novella, however, was very simple and comes when they are trying to figure out who played a roll in the teenager’s death. Moira can’t help but mutter in a nonplussed way, “Fucking vampires.” It reminded me of dialogue from the HBO Series True Blood. As we all know, the dead can be a real pain in the ass … All in all I give Ghostly Justice, 4 chocolate dipped strawberries!

Cat Devon
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