Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Friday

It's Pinktober as you can see by the blog theme this week. As much as everyone knows I hate fall and the pending cold weather I am all about breast cancer awareness. I preach it year round not just in October. I probably shared this last October but my mom and grandmother are survivors. So this hits very close to home for me. I call this blog Free Friday because this is one medical test that is free. It takes just a minute once a month to check the girls out. There is nothing more important that you can do for yourself and come on ladies it's FREE. How many other medical tests can claim that? So rock your pink this month but make it a year round event. Special thanks to my daughter's soccer team and my son's football team for rocking pink socks this month at all their games. You guys make me so proud:) And to my mom and grandma for making "fight like a girl" look easy. Love you!

Halloween Frost by Jennifer Estep
It's Halloween at Mythos Academy, but Gwen Frost and her friends are in for more tricks than treats when they run into a mythological monster intent on killing them.

I just finished reading the full length book in this series and LOVED it! This was an awesome little addition and perfect for the season. I love this series so much that I will be giving the book one to my niece for Christmas. I have to admit I'm a huge sucker for anything related to mythology and the whole gods and goddesses thing and the fact it takes place on my favorite holiday is an added bonus. I'm also a huge Logan fan. He shows up at all the right times. I totally have to find this town and trick or treat there because they get some serious swag from the shops they trick or treat at!

I give this short story 5 chocolate dipped strawberries and some of that yummy stuff out of Gwen's pumpkin!


This blog is bought to you today by Barbie & Buffy. It's a FREE test ladies! Take care of us!
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