Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arctic Winds, Alpine Woods Shifters Book One

Is there still tenderness in the world? How about courtship? Or unconditional acceptance? Yes, yes there is. Arctic Winds is a tender, well-written short showing us that there still are chivalrous men and loving communities out there. The heroine, Samantha, comes from the worst of circumstances as an orphan who is forced from her community by her extended family. After being on the run for 4 years she arrives in the Colorado town of Alpine Woods where the story begins, along with her future. Unlike any community she has ever experienced before she is embraced and welcomed. She learns that although she is a Arctic Fox and the town is comprised of wolves and humans it still feels like home. This feeling has a great dealt to do with the gentleman/primale wolf, Jason. Although he has all the Alpha Wolf mating demands that are so clique in other stories he doesn't act on them. Instead he courts her like a true gentlemen. Jason's tenderness and courting of Samantha is a refreshing change to the other dominant Alpha Male characters out there in the paranormal romance genre. This short story focuses on this charming couple starting their future. Since it is only 76 pages there isn't a much more complexity to the plot beyond the love story. However, Ms. Bennett does introduce the reader to a quiet a few characters and gives a look into some of the issues the town is facing. This helps to suggest interesting future story lines. This is a nice story but keep in mind that it is a short, short story and therefore doesn't have the time or length needed to develop a more complex plot. For the length that it is, the story is well written and a charming quick read. Perfect for a cold winter afternoon. I give it 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and a mug of hot cocoa!
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