Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dakota Rebel Sunday Special!

This is weird, so not my day....and yet here I am (thanks Rebecca for reminding me)....Here we are this first weekend of the year - I still have to take a tree down, do about fifty loads of laundry and somehow take control of my life organizationally speaking! Not too much to bite off all at once - this is why, my fine friends, I do NOT make resolutions. I am all about success, not failure!!! LOL!

So, in the interest of total discombobulation, this week I have a couple of treats to share with you from a really excellent author I have been following for several years now. She's got the right blend of sweet and spice - you gotta love that! Oh, and a little snack of eye candy to keep you from starving to death!

Mitch, Dakota Rebel, Resplendence Publishing, October 2009

When mortal Bounty Hunter Mitch Baine decides to spend one night breaking all the rules with a sexy masked vampire, he has no idea that the stranger is Jarrod Axlerod, lead singer of the famous band Heartstrings, or that he will be contracted to kill the vampire the very next day.
Mitch Baine has been trained from very early on that the only good vampire is a dead one. A lesson cemented into his brain after years of killing them on contract for the US Army. But his feelings toward the creatures begin to change after spending an incredible night with one at a masked ball. When he receives his newest contract, he is horrified to see that the vampire he has been hired to kill is none other than Jarrod Axlerod the high profile lead singer for the band Heartstrings, and the sexy vampire he has just broken every one of his personal rules with.

Mitch Blaine, bounty hunter/federal marshall and self proclaimed sex god for the evening, attends an annual Masked Ball. He has an encounter with a beautiful blond man - sexy, sensual and a vampire. Little does he know that Jarrod Axelrod, lead singer of Heartstrings will be his next target for destruction. Now Mitch, who had at one time so firmly understood his place in the world, has more questions that answers. And now he has to figure out the truth before his chance at happiness is destroyed.

Ms. Rebel has a knack for sexy stories and strong characters. But more importantly, she has the gift of creating secondary characters both integral and not that make the single dimension storyline and blast it into multidimensional delight! Mitch's sister, Reagan, his family, the band mates, even the "bad guys".

One hundred percent alpha male, Mitch embarks upon a sexcapade which morphs into something more. There is nothing sexier than seeing two stong, alpha males, comfortable with their sexuality take that leap of faith from sex to love! Mitch has to contend with his family who he loves and Jarrod has to contend with his eternal life, jaded and somewhat tortured artist that he is, but the beauty is that they fall in love with each other in spite of their baggage.
The action charged plot captivates from the beginning and the central mystery remains challenging. The added paranormal elements of shifters and vampires keeps the piece fresh, kicking from category to category....enough here for plenty of introduction for paranormal fans to M/M romance, or paranormal to erotica.

With witty dialogue, fully dimensional characters and smokin hot sex, this paranormal erotic romance rates a delish five chocolate dipped strawberries from this happy reader!

Shake Me Up, Dakota Rebel, Resplendence Publishing, December 2011

When Bethany signs up for an online dating service she isn't really expecting to find anyone worthwhile. But when Keith Sinclair contacts her and make a great first impression, she finds that she may be more willing than she thought to have her life shaken up a bit.
A quick and steamy read, Ms. Rebel presents a vignette of a not-so-blind date. Having met on online, developed a relationship of both emails and phone calls, Bethany and Keith finally meet IRL (in real life). Their date speeds past the lobby and into the penthouse suite for some exquistly choreographed sexual thrills. Perhaps, just perhaps, they can both get off the dating train and onto the platform of a relationship. Who knows? Ms. Dakota Rebel makes sure the reader has fun along it's short little ride!

I give Shake Me Up four chococlate dipped strawberries, only cause she left me wanting oh, so much more!

RATING: Overall 4.5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries - a bit more for snacking as this author is worth a delve into!

This book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many thanks.

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