Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game For Seduction - Bad Boys of Football BOOK TWO

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I’ve made the chili and chicken wings, cleaned the house and am ready for the party to begin. This would be hugely funny to those who know me best because I have no love for the game whatsoever. I do, however, live in a house with four boys (three little ones plus the husband) and for the most part, they watch ESPN 24/7. It would be accurate to say that they live, breathe and speak sports nearly as much. So while they sit and watch the game, I will read – stopping to watch the commercials and half-time show – and hang with the other moms who share my |lack-of| affinity for the game.

HOWEVER, I did develop a new appreciation (just a pinch) for the game as I read Bella Andre’s Bad Boys of Football series this past week. I definitely developed an appreciation for the players. For a contemporary romance, the series was pretty hot and inspired me to look for other sports-themed romance series.

BOOK TWO, Game for Seduction, was a super quick read with likeable characters and a strong plotline.  I enjoyed the components of the story that taught this naive reader just how much commitment and work it takes to be a professional athlete. And I so loved watching a heroine with intrinsic strength discover her self-worth and take the reins on her own life.

Melissa McKnight works for her father, an extremely successful sports agent. Her goal is to be an agent but her father thinks her role as assistant is enough for a woman in this male-dominated field. So Melissa sets out to prove her father wrong and she never expects Dominic to be her knight in shining armor.

Dominic DiMarco, wide receiver of the San Francisco Outlaws, is one of the McKnight Sports Agency’s biggest clients. He’s a good guy – doesn’t go out drinking, partying or sleeping around. He likes to cook, loves children and is involved in charity. And he's hot, built and sexy. Pretty sure hes the perfect package! 
Ever since Melissa was a teenager, she’s had a crush on Dominic. She’s more than certain he doesn’t even notice her until he steps in to become one of her first clients. But he does notice her; in fact he’s smitten with her. Yet instead of admitting to any feelings, they work together professionally at first.

Then Melissa takes on a new client – a younger player with a whole lot less discipline than Dominic. She’s in over her head with this ultimate bad boy of the NFL. Not wanting to see Melissa fail, and with a slight twinge of jealousy, Dominic takes it upon himself to watch over Melissa. Here’s where they get mixed up – like in everything, communication gets in the way – and despite communicating perfectly sexually, they don’t communicate emotionally. They did this back and forth thing when they’d get together, back off, get together, etc. This was a bit predictable but no less enjoyable. There were quirky parts that made me laugh and smile; and the book included everything I needed to make it a good read (especially the incredible cover).

Once Melissa and Dominic realized they each want the same things out of life and admitted how they felt, it was sweet.  Definitely a book that makes readers feel good. If you are looking for a quick read (even if you don’t like football) about two likable characters, Game for Seduction is a good choice. I might even suggest you download it now and read this instead of watching that game that comes on later tonight… still not sure why we call it a “Super” Bowl.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

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