Saturday, February 4, 2012

Game For Anything - Bad Boys of Football BOOK ONE

Ok let me start this blog by say that unlike most of the women who write here I am a HUGE fan of football. I was probably one of the only little girls who ran around in a Vince Ferragamo( GO RAMS!) sweatshirt, I kept stats for football all through high school and thought I was going to completely loose my mind when I saw Ronnie Lott in the Denver airtport in the early 90's. So when I saw that we were going to be reading and blogging about Bella Andre's Bad Boys of Football this week I squealed like a girl jumped up and down and then I spiked my Nook.(not something I would suggest) I, like most people, will be spening Sunday with friends probably drinking a cold beer or two,(no wine on Superbowl Sunday that is just wrong)eating some really great food, hoping this years commercials don't suck and that Madonna pulls out the cone bra just for old times sake. But if you just aren't that interested in the real game then pick up one of the Bad Boys of Football and read about some hot sexy men that like to run around in tight pants.

Julie Spencer is an image consultant, and she has hated Ty Calhoun ever since the one night she spent with him at their high school graduation party ten years ago. But when the now pro quarterback's lifestyle causes PR problems for the new owner of his team the owner insists that Ty's public image has to change. When Ty realizes that they want to hire Julie to turn his image around he quickly agrees. Ty has never forgotten that night with Julie and compares every woman he meets to her. He knows that night with Julie ended badly, but he was young and didn't feel that he deserved a girl like her. So now he is going to do everything he can to get her to give him one more shot.

On the surface this seems like a fairly common boy hurts girl, girl hates boy, boy wants girl back, kind of story but there is much more depth to the character's that make the stoy much more complex. When you add in Ty and Julies family histories the story becomes mutli-demensional. It's very well written and read quickly. I felt as though I had only been reading for a hour and found I was almost done with the book and it had actually been more like three know how time flies when you are having fun. The sex scenes are hot and emotional without being angsty which can be a problem with books in this genre. The only problem I had with the story was the ending, so much happened in the last few pages that weren't fully explained and I felt really could have added to the overall story if it had been expanded. And dang it there really was just not enough actual football in it. LOL

If you are looking for a fun contemporary romance with some fabulously hot sex and you can tell your boyfriend that you are reading a sports book than Game for Anything is a book that you will want to add to your library.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

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