Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday With Sid: TAILOR MADE

Saturday with Sid... like Tuesday with Morrie but with More Kink
College tart Felix McAvoy is used to causing a stir with his conceptual art pranks, but for his final show he's planning something even more outrageous. In a last ditch attempt to seduce his jaded tutor, Felixplans to wear the canvas in a subversive display. However, if he's goingto do this right he'll need a tailor-made canvas suit. Fortunately, heknows just the tailor to turn to for the favor—and Felix isn't shy aboutoffering favours of a very different kind in return.

First year fashion student Andrew Wheeler knows Felix by reputation only—andplans to keep things that way. Andrew's determined to save himself for the manof his dreams, and Felix couldn't be more different from his ideal Mr.Right.  There's only one use Andrew will contemplate for Felix's body: amodel for his end of year project. Trouble is, it's going to involve a lot ofclose contact with a nearly naked Felix, and Andrew's never had temptationquite so close at hand!
K’so… In the beginning of Tailor Made, I really want to justpunch Felix in the mouth; he’s a cheeky bastard and so very over the top. Andeverybody knows that I like to be the over the top one in room. But, I keptreading and, dang, author Josephine Myles sucked me in with her sassy Britishnovel.  I’m not surprised that I wassucked in by the British slang and lovely Bath setting, since I’m currentlyaddicted to Downtown Abbey and The Tudors. I think I might have a small fetish for the accent, but that’s probablya story for a different website.  Ms. Mylescreated 2 wildly different characters and somehow made them mesh brilliantly!  I loved how different Felix the slut andAndrew the virgin were and how their art brings them together.  Plus…there was some really good “omg, he’s avirgin!” sex.  I remember those days, Ithink?  Seriously though, Ms Myles does aremarkable job conveying emotion in those oh so emotional “first time”scenes.  Carry on Josephine, I’m ready toread more of your sassy stories.

That's 4strawberries dipped in chocolate!  Bang!

In case you want to get yourself a copy, 
here's the "Buy link":

This book was given to us by the author herself.
Many thanks from SID, ya'll.
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