Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday With Sid: BUCKLE DOWN

Saturday with Sid... like Tuesday with Morrie but with More Kink
Cowboysaren't always what they seem...They're often so much more. SheriffDane Carter was only looking for a cold one when he stepped into Duke's Bar& Grill after a long shift but ended up finding trouble instead. From themoment he laid eyes on Tyler he'd known the man would be trouble. When a barfight turns into an explosive sexual encounter, Tyler becomes an instanttemptation he can't afford. Then the real trouble begins.  TylerEvans came to Chicory hoping for a chance to clean up his act and start over.In one night his new life begins to unravel. A harmless game of pool spiralsout of control and he's later accused of a crime he didn't commit. Determinedto prove his innocence, he decides to attach himself to the sheriff until theyfind the real culprit. If he happens to get his hands on the deliciouslyhandsome man haunting his thoughts again--so be it. Whenthe situation turns dangerous, the tension between Dane and Tyler reaches thebreaking point. In the heat of the moment Tyler goes too far and his hope forthe future walks out the door, leaving him with a murky future at best.
Woooo Lord…Now ya’ll know, I love cowboys…and uniforms…preferablyboth…in the form of muscle boys...  EveCassidy handily put the best of both of my worlds in one book.  Buckle Down is an easy read; MsCassidy has a knack for creating characters that you want to carry around inyour pocket…your back pocket…or your bed.  Dane and Tyler felt like characters that I already knew and I felt likeI was just hanging out, watching their lives unfold.  Personally, that’s not the easiest thing for meto feel when reading, so kudos and chocolate dipped strawberries to Eve Cassidy.  Ms Cassidy is also remarkably good at writingexplosive sex scenes in which you might have to stop reading for a hot minuteand get out your hankie and wipe your brow… whooo…  Seriously folks, go buy Buckle Down, get aglass of wine, sit in a nice cool corner and get ready for a hot read!  

4 strawberries for Eve Cassidy's Buckle Down!.. BANG!

This book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing.
Many thanks from SID, ya'll.
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