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Humpday Hello to Kerrelyn Sparks!

Greetings and salutations Humpday Nation! You who have survived the gauntlet known as the month of Tyra and Jenn, we salute you! No seriously, we love having you here with us every week, sharing the books that we love with each of you. I feet it is my civic duty to remind you to make every day count: love freely, laugh loudly and indulge guilt free...because I am such a giver - I share my eye candy for the week. Inspired by our week's hero, Phineas, aka Dr. Phang, the Love Doctor. (This fella can make house calls to my place any day!)

So more of our featured week of Kerrelyn Sparks. Those who have read the blog over the past year know my penchant for all things a) paranormal, b) laugh out loud funny and c) sassy and sexy. If you find a series like that, you have me hook, line and sinker. Kerrelyn Sparks Love at Stake series has kept me entertained since the early days of Tyra's and my friendship - from the wacky girls' night out which always ended with us stumbling, a little tipsy, from the local Applebees across the lot to the local Books-a-Million where we sobered up checking out new books and spending more on them than the drinks and dinner before! At the risk of sounding like Tyra, I do encourage you to read this series in order - mostly because the stories build upon each other with new characters and evolving relationships all resulting from the wacky hijinks of book 1, How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire. (How can you not love a series that starts off with a millionaire CEO vampire, a freak fang accident and a blood phobic dentist in witness protection? Now, see? That's what I am talking about - you can't beat that combo with a stick, I tell ya!)

Wanted: Undead or Alive (Book 12, Love At Stake series), Kerrelyn Sparks, Avon Books, March 27, 2012

Now, some seven years later, we find ourselves finally getting to hear the story of the often mocked Phineas, aka self proclaimed Dr. Phang. Phineas started his early days with the bad vamps - the Malcontents - until he straightened up and chose to work with Angus McKay's security detail and join Roman's fight for the right way. It's been a pleasure to see his growth over the past 8 or 9 books. He is hilarious, always preening and pranking with the kilted warriors he works with. You almost forget there has to be more to the story and of course, as everyone around him is finding their soul mates, Phineas wants the same. Thankfully, our featured book – #12, Wanted Undead or Alive gives us that long awaited HEA for our favorite bad-assed newbie vamp and our new favorite bad-assed werewolf princess!

To say that Phineas never takes the easy path is the understatement of the century. High on his success as a new commercial actor on DVN, Phineas agrees to go undercover to help weed out the new Malcontent Diva Corky. His mission - to follow her anywhere. Which lands him in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and straight into the arms of his biggest obsession, best buddy's Phil's baby sister Brynley, the alpha were who wants nothing to do with the vamps and only to be left alone to care for the lost boys - young males ostracized from the pack but taken in by Roman's Otherworld School, Dragon Nest Academy, designed to cater to paranormal kids and their "extraordinary" needs.

She thinks he's hot. He thinks she's hot. Forces collide and they come together, get ripped apart and it goes to hell in a handbasket! I love these characters - they have me up late at night giggling in my bed, reading about escapades that leave me either cracking up, shaking my head or fanning my face. Still classically paranormal romance, Sparks is no slouch in the sexual tension building department. Her characters banter, flirt and finally come together with enough sparks (no pun intended) to generate some serious heat!

Like many of the books in this series, a great battle often ensues in the end with the balance of good and evil in peril. Some have some quite emotional impacts and no one is spared the possibility of death on the battlefield. Stop and take the time to give this series a chance - for those who enjoy paranormal, romance, chick lit or things that just make you feel good - this is one for your keeper shelves. Mine have been on almost constant loan for the past six years!!!!!

I give Wanted: Undead or Alive, five tasty chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of chocolood (the designed chocolate flavored blood) cause a girl can never have too much chocolate when she's in the right mood! My choice of drinks for this book would be a refreshing chocolatini - martini, chocolate - can't miss....Mmmmmmm. (Since that darn Tyra got to answer first and took my beloved Malbec!)

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