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Humpday Helloooooo! Sending some love Charlene Teglia's way!!!!

Greetings and salutations Humpday Nation -- once again on that down-hill slope....all the way to my birthday weekend. Now, I am not necessarily the hugest fan of aging and all that nonsense that goes with it (the old gray mare, ain't what she used to be!), however, I do love a good excuse to celebrate. We managed to squeeze a little celebration between the Week of T and the Week of Me for Ms. R's exciting new adventures...stay tuned to find out more (ooooh - see how I did that? Hooked you in with intrigue and drama? It's a gift known only to writers, bloggers and teenagers.....just kidding). So, having worked the weekend at the local hospital, I managed to have couple actual weekdays off - one spent travelling from one doctor's appointment to another (hey, I can walk again - back pain sufferers all commiserate here!) and the other spent cleaning the house that went on hiatus while the back was out (housework haters all commiserate here!) and in between managed to sneak in a bit of reading....some old stuff, some new stuff...lots of it all upcoming and I cant talk about it yet!!!! (more of that drama and intrigue crap! Man, I am getting sneaky in my old age!) So, in honor of gaining a year of wisdom, I would like to share my treat to self - some eye candy! (This one is for my mom, who reported to me that my half dressed candy was less appreciated than the fully clothed/unclothed variety!) I think they are all tasty!!!! Mmmmmmmm

Men of Action, Charlene Teglia, Smashwords/Amazon/Barnes and Noble, March 2011

Shoot to Thrill

Gabriel Everest had a simple plan; infiltrate, attack, exfiltrate. Unfortunately, he encountered a major complication in Dr. Miranda Gray. Blowing the target would have to wait until he could rescue the hostage, but saving the girl and getting away without alerting the opposition is harder than it sounds when she’s determined to take direct action of her own.

Third Time’s the Charm

Loving a cop isn’t easy. Faced with an emotional distance their physical attraction couldn’t bridge, Lynn Taylor walked away. Twice. But Nick Logan isn’t ready to let her go. When an elevator mishap leaves them trapped together in the dark, can two lovers find a way to make the third time the charm?

Even the A Team knows The Plan: get in, get it done, get out. Of course, sometimes you have to deviate from the plan.....Gabriel Everest almost has it made when he finds Dr. Miranda Gray. That she's as willing to die for her cause as he somehow makes them even more perfect for each other in their ill-timed, sexually charged escapade.  

Charli Teglia is one of my "IF YOU WRITE IT I WILL BUY IT" authors....her writing is always a hit for me - doesn't matter if it's contemporary, paranormal, erotica, long story, short story - you name it, I love it! She has a gift for setting scenes: descriptive, sensual and in the moment, as if you are the naughty voyeur watching the tale unfold, making the reader invest in each detail. Her heroines are frequently hot mess, flawed, totally normal average Jane types and her men are sublimely alpha! But my favorite part are the snippets of the author's inner voice, that sweet and sassy blend of the sarcastic and sexy that makes me laugh and fan myself while I revel in each read - regardless of length - her shorts are as satisfying as her full length novels (well not as satisfying - but certainly no less enjoyable!)
Classic example:

"...Since the total effect of the man overwhelmed her, Miranda broke it down into separate pieces. She noted the square jaw, the watchful gray eyes, the dark hair worn in a crew cut that looked regulation. Broad shoulders. Fatigues designed to help camouflage him in this jungle setting and did nothing to disguise the powerful body they covered. Hands that looked very capable gripped a weapon she couldn’t begin to identify, but it looked lethal and probably had a loud bang.   They sent GI Joe to rescue to rescue Dr. Barbie, Miranda thought. She hoped he had his Jeep handy. Or some kind of getaway machine."

"Third Time's The Charm" is another one of hers that hit a bulls eye. How anyone can make what is essentially every sane person's nightmare (trapped in dark elevator) seem sexy, exciting and romantic is a true miracle. Perhaps the miracle lies in the perfect vignette laid out by Teglia - a couple who seem to repel and collide, going through the break up and make up cycle until finally forced to confront each other -sensually, in the dark, where their issues can be faceless and their electric connection can be undeniable. Super short, uber sexy, Lynn and Nick's story proves that sometimes dessert IS the best part of the meal!

I strongly urge you to check out this and her other stories: she's got cowboys, shifters, race car drivers, thrill seekers, aliens and hot, hot men from in and out of this world!

I give The Men of Action a delish four chocolate dipped strawberries and a big fan girl squeal that Red Queen, the Sequel to Animal Attraction, Neuri Chronicles Books 2 should be out soon! Stay tuned dear readers!!!!
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