Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Whole New Meaning to Playground

A Deliciously sexy read about the emotional side of submission...

Midnight Playground by Eliza Gayle is a scorching hot read! Though short, Eliza created an indulgently sensual (and quite emotional) story with all my required ingredients for deliciousness… sexy alpha heroes (bonus points for more than one!), a strong heroine, a troubled past (uniquely more from the hero than heroine), angst, sex (bondage, more bonus points!) and romance. Okay, admittedly, I didn’t get so much of the romance but it all still fit so nicely together.

The story itself is fairly simple. Eve Blake is a long-time employee of Altered Ego, a fetish photography studio. She watches everything kinky going around her, curious but remains just a voyeur. Until a custom order comes in for a plus-sized (loved that bit of detail – real women unite!) model and she sees her chance. Maybe pretending to be a sexual submissive for Chase’s camera will get her noticed by the men who she can’t help but notice.

When Eve volunteers for the job, her very sexy boss Chase accepts despite his rule not to get involved with employees. Though he tries to seem aloof, he also knows this is his chance to get to know his receptionist just the way he’s been (wet) dreaming of.  Then add in Murphy, Chase’s “business” partner and the photo shoots with Eve get downright steamy.  The two men are both dominating males but aside from that, they are night and day. Their personalities are complimentary, making them a great team in giving Eve everything she needs. Lucky, lucky Eve.

Okay, now, something that surprised (but quite delighted) me… these fetish photos set the models right into a scene. While Chase works the camera, Murphy works Eve *cough* – I mean, he serves as the male model/ assistant. The shoots are more like scenes right out of the most erotic romance novels (like this one!). So much more than getting the woman into the role Chase is photographing, the scenes were intense. It’s mostly bondage with such descriptive scenes crafted by Eliza that will leave the reader feeling as if they have actually seen the photos. 

Once they begin to play, no matter how hard Chase fights it, there is no turning back. This triad is perfection. The BDSM scenes between the three characters are indulgently delicious and so well written – kudos to Eliza. The most important factor in making this more than “just erotica” is the fact that with each new scene, their relationship evolves and more of the characters’ depth is revealed.  And I won’t even get started on the whole playground scene except to recommend a glass of water. This is that moment in the book where the heroine is absorbed into the moment and finds that place of ultimate surrender that only BDSM can take someone.

Everything about this book screams REAL – it could’ve happened, it could’ve been me *sigh* or it could’ve been any average reader. Eve finds trusting and the loss of control stressful – a challenge for any strong woman to let go of these things. And Eve has a normal body type with all the self doubt women package into ourselves. But we can feel encouraged by Eve’s bravery. She steps it up to work with Chase and Murphy, seizes what she wants and allows herself to enjoy them. And lucky for her, they take her completely past what she wants and all the way to what she really needs. Delicious.

5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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