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Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend. I spent a lot of time at the ball field...I know you are shocked. We are coming up on the end of season tourny and I am both excited and sadden by this. Lane has been playing at this ball field for six years and if he decides to play next year he will be moving up Babe Ruth and will not be playing at Keezletown anymore. My husband and I have put a lot of time and energy into making the Keezletown league and field a great place to play and it will be weird not to be a part of it anymore.

Ok let me just start by saying that I LOVE Ty and Zane! They have got to be the hottest couple out there right now. They are stubborn and loyal and sexy and you just can't help but want to read more and more. Ms. Roux was by herself this time around and she pulled it off seamlessly.

Armed & Dangerous, Abigail Roux, Dreamspinner Press
Cut & Run Series Book 5 
Left alone in Baltimore after his unpredictable lover bails, Special Agent Zane Garrett takes his frustration out on everything in his path until he is ordered to Chicago to back up an undercover operative. When he gets there, though, he finds himself face to face with his wayward partner, Special Agent Ty Grady. They have to deal with the uncertainty lingering between them while they work to retrieve their intended mark, a retired hit man and CIA wet-works operative named Julian Cross.
Ty, once a marine and now an FBI hotshot, has a penchant for being unpredictable, a trait Zane can vouch for. Zane is a man who once lived for his job but has come to realize his heartbreaking past doesn’t have to overshadow his future. They're partners, friends, lovers, and the go-to team for unusual cases. With Cross and his innocuous boyfriend, Cameron Jacobs, in tow, Ty and Zane must navigate the obstacles of a cross-country trek, including TSA pat-downs, blizzards, their uncooperative prisoners, CIA kill teams, a desperate lack of sleep or caffeine, and each other. Ty and Zane are determined to get Julian Cross to DC in one piece, but it’s starting to look like it might be the last thing they do.

Ty & Shane are back! Everyone who is as excited as I am raise your hand!! Everyone who threw the last book across the room when they read the last chapter, also raise your hand?? Yeah, pretty much everyone. LOL Well the good news is....there is resolution and it comes pretty quickly in the beginning of the book...it's not one of those things that get drawn out through the whole book. Please...there isn't enough time for that kind of drama in this book because there is SOOO much else happening.

STOP!! If you have not read Warriors Cross you will want to do that before you proceed!(just trust me on this one folks)

Not only do you get Ty and Zane in this book but you also get Julian and Cameron. There was so much testosterone in this book I thought I was going to have to pee standing up. The one-liners and snarky comments were abundant and funny as hell. The storyline was intense and fast paced and really kept you guessing who to trust right up until the end. The core of this story is relationships, both new and old.

Ty and Zane are sent to Chicago to bring in a CIA operative named Julian Cross and what should be a fairly open and shut case is anything but. Now they are on a planes, boats and automobiles escapade that not only strains their relationship but brings into question some old relationships.

The dynamic between Julian and Ty is so freakin' funny that I would suggest not drinking anything until you are done unless you want it coming out your nose. The way they went at each other you would have thought they were related.

Speaking of related, we get to spend some time with Ty's brother Deuce and there are new and exciting things happening in his life. Of course we don't find any of this out until after he takes a baseball bat to Ty.(see what I mean about relationships)

My favorite parts are with Ty and Zane and I have to admit I was a hot mess the first time they are together in Chicago. Ty could not have been sweeter and when Zane finally gives him the "present" that he bought for him on the cruise ship I just lost it. And seriously anytime you can pull a Princess Bride quote into a book you know you are channeling the Good Book Gods.

I think this may have been the best Cut and Run book since the original and I for one am hoping for many more!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by Dreamspinner Press. Many thanks.
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